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“They’re As Big As The Sky…” COMICS! Sometimes The Eyes Have It!

John Kane

O, America! There you go again sneaking another holiday in! Did it involve turkeys? You and your turkeys, America! Well, there’s no holiday from me going on about something I read. Much as both of us might wish otherwise. Was it a turkey though? Eh? Eh? Some clever word play there. Force your own face under the break to find out! Anyway, this…

Cover condundrums

Brian Hibbs

So, here is what the insides of AQUAMAN #14 look like:

Wait, What? Ep. 46: Sympathy for the Mephisto Analogue

Jeff Lester

So much time! So little to do! (Wait a minute. Reverse that.) It’s the latest episode of Wait, What? wherein Graeme McMillan and yours truly talk about those comic books what need talking about: Wolverine #9; Flashpoint tie-ins The Superman Project #1 and Reverse Flash #1; James Robinson’s JLA; Earth X; Green Lantern Mosaic; Kirby Genesis #1; Steve Englehart’s Captain America and much more. You might even discover the true identity of that cute little tyke up there. It should be available on iTunes by now, and it is also the sort of thing that you could be listening to here and now, if that’s the sort of thing that kung-pao’s your chicken: Wait, What? Ep. 45: Sympathy for the…  Read More…