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Getting Hibbsy with 10/31

Brian Hibbs

Ugh, I’ve missed too many weeks of reviews here, let’s get this back on track!

Steamroller of content: Hibbs’ 10/10

Brian Hibbs

Yes, yes, let’s keep this week’s Steamroller of Content rolling along, with me doing This Week’s Comics actually, y’know, THIS week…!

Graeme Takes On The New 52. All At Once.

Graeme McMillan

You know, before DC Comics so politely sent me the entire run of the New 52 launch issues, I don’t think that I’d ever read an entire month’s worth of a superhero universe before. I have to say, it’s kind of exhausting. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to try and run down very quick capsule reviews of all 52 right here, right now, as Fatboy Slim once said many many years ago oh God I am so old.

nu52: The Belfry

Brian Hibbs

Damn it, the NEW ones are already out? Better write fast, then! Bats, and more bats below!

Wait, What? 56.1: The Loneliest Number Since…

Jeff Lester

We are back!  With absolutely 100% less whining!  Well, 90%.  Actually, let’s call it 85–no, 82, 82% less whining! Yes, with 82% less whining, here comes Wait, What? Episode 56.1, roaring around the bend, with Graeme McMillan and myself discussing strange and unexpected topics–topics like OMAC #1, Batgirl #1, Animal Man #1, Detective Comics #1, Swamp Thing #1, Stormwatch #1 and, of course… X-Men #17. (That really should have a ‘?!!?’ at end of that sentence, but you get the idea.) It’s one hour and one second of two-fisted soft reboot action! Wise souls have perhaps already encountered this podcast on iTunes (in which case, I hope they were struck it down and achieved instant enlightenment) but you can, of…  Read More…

Comics of 8/18

Brian Hibbs

Yah, like Lester I was thinking about how good ol internet time made it seem like we never posted. What’s up with that? I’ve mostly been trying to unravel a Mystery in the UK the last few days — I think I have most of it sussed, but I’m still not sure HOW to solve the crime, as it were. I also finished TILTING (appears on Friday on Newsarama), and have started making notes on Deppey’s NuMarvel essay in the new Journal. Damn, that’s one fine issue. Plus I dinged 30 in CoH, and am now playing the How Long Until I Get Bored and Quit game (I doubt I’ll make it to 35, is all I can say, but…  Read More…


Brian Hibbs

Gotta go to work in a few here — Lester is on “vacation” (something about a nude midget chocolate factory?), so I have to go cover his shift. Curse you Lester, you infernal bastard!! I spend yesterday’s shift doing “industry reading” Wizard, CBG, etc. There go my brain cells. So I only have 4 comics here to discuss. By tomorrow I plan to go over this week’s trades, then take Sunday off and hopefully, Monday wrap up the last of this week’s reviews just in time to get another pile of new comics. This is my life. Week in, week out, over and over again. BATGIRL #54: That was kinda cool — the story actually turned on her illiteracy, and something…  Read More…