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Want to see BATMAN BEGINS for free?

Brian Hibbs

We duly handled our first batch of tickets for Tuesday’s showing as the promotions compnay asked us to… but today we got in multiple envelopes of tickets for a showing on MONDAY JUNE 13th at 7:30 PM (at the Metreon), and we have no instructions on these. Therefore, I exercise executive privilege, and will give first crack to those of you reading this website. Here’s what you have to do: come into the store while *I* am working (Friday 2-7, Saturday 2-4 or thereabouts) and ask *me* for one. DO NOT ask Rob or Jeff about them, that will get you automagically disqualified. Now I will probably ask you a question or two to prove you actually READ this blog,…  Read More…

Hibbs’ earlyreview of BATMAN BEGINS

Brian Hibbs

Just got back from a preview screening of BATMAN BEGINS. (and how cool is this? I went with my Dad.) Let’s get some initial thoughts down while everything is fairly fresh in me head. I’m going to try to be as spoiler-free as I can, because, y’know, the thing don’t come out for 10 days or whatever, but this is a review, and I might let something slip. You have been warned. It’s a very good movie, but it’s not like the second coming of superhero films, or anything like that. Several reviewers are way overselling it, man. It’s got a brilliant first act, it has a very solid second act — the third act though, eh, didn’t work too…  Read More…