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Wait, What? Ep. 110: Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Jeff Lester

One of the two delightful pieces of art made for us by the impressively talented Garrett Berner (a.k.a. The Mighty Gar) It’s our last podcast of the year!  Yes, after this two hour and ten minute Whatstravaganza, you get a nice two week vacation from our wee voices nattering on and on, answering your questions, picking apart your comics.  Finally!  Some peace and quiet for your holidays!  Doesn’t that sound pleasant? Anyway…after the jump!  More art!  Lots of links! A hastily assembled and incomplete “Best of” list! And also: Show Notes!

A few thoughts on BEST AMERICAN + Cover Flow

Brian Hibbs

I quite like the BEST AMERICAN COMICS series. I think that it provides a generally decent overview of what’s happening in non-cape comics in any given year, and I like it as an “entry drug” for civilians, as a retailer. This year’s installment, guest-edited by Neil Gaiman, is another fine fat package of comic goodness, but I think a few of the flaws of the approach were pretty magnified this year. Primarily, I was fairly dismayed at the length of some of the excerpts this year. While it was nice to see something capey make the book this year (well, last year they tried to get Batman Year 100 in there, but DC refused), and something from Marvel at that,…  Read More…