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Wait, What? Ep. 114: Everything We Could Stand

Jeff Lester

Jaxxon drawing by our very own renaissance man, Graeme McMillan… Skip week is over so we are back for another episode or two (we will probably skip Valentine’s Day, I am betting that right now). Before we get into it, though: look at that Jaxxon! What a great drawing of a very old, obscure Star Wars character that I dearly love! Well done, Mr. Graeme McMillan, well done.  Please email me if you want to be part of the crew that tries to peer pressure Graeme into drawing more comics… After the jump: Love! Links! Show notes!

Wait, What? Ep. 52.1: Dream Team Supreme

Jeff Lester

The time has come again for us to answer questions from listeners who follow Graeme and myself on Twitter. It’s always a struggle for Graeme and I to stay on topic long enough to answer everyone’s questions, and the struggle here hits near-epic proportions. For example, I won’t tell you the question, but here’s one of my answers: Jim Starlin, Shade the Changing Man Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden, Green Lantern Steve Gerber with whoever he wants (though it should be Curt Swan), Superman Don McGregor and P. Craig Russell, Wonder Woman Len Wein/Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan, The Demon Michael Fleisher and John Buscema, Claw the Unconquered Steve Englehart and Gil Kane, The Flash Howard Chaykin, Jonny Double Chris…  Read More…