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Starting off slow; Hibbs on 7/23/14

Brian Hibbs

OK, spam  on the site locked down, new store pretty close to squared away, maybe I am now in place to start reveiwin’ again.  I’ve certainly been missing it somewhat. I can’t promise this will be every week (in fact, I think I feel confident in announcing that this will NOT be each and every week… unless I do one of those Patreon thingies, in which case then it would be a paid job, and thus an obligation.  But I’m not thinking about doing that until I can prove to MYSELF that I can stay on this horse for a little while. Let’s just go full capsule-style under that jump.

Scott Pilgrim v6 release party: teh awesome!

Brian Hibbs

Well, we didn’t have 2000 (!) people like The Beguiling did, but I’m going to go ahead and call our SP6 Midnight Release a pretty epic success. From the moment we opened the doors back up at 10 PM, we were literally wall-to-wall people, which utterly shocked me. I was sort of thinking we might have 20-30 people show up (It’s a Monday night, fer cryin’ out loud!), and we somewhere between 3 and 4 times that, instead. SP6 leaped to the #1 best-selling book of 2010 so far, in 25 minutes of selling it — crazy!! If I had known there would be THAT many people showing, I would have done things a little differently — like I would…  Read More…

A Pilgrim’s Progress: Jeff Gets It Together and Finally Reviews Scott Pilgrim Vol. 4.

Jeff Lester

A lot of things impressed me about Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together, but what really caught my attention is how different it is from the previous volume, Scott Pilgrim & The Infinite Sadness: whereas vol. 3 is jammed with action (it’s only 13 pages into vol. 3 before someone gets punched with a bionic arm) and veined with character interplay, vol. 4 grounds the humor and emotional relationships in the foreground and keeps the action sequences very short until the end: it’s as assured in its pacing as volume three was messily ambitious, and there’s nothing unresolved here that isn’t clearly laying groundwork for a later volume. By the time I made it through the final thirty-plus…  Read More…

Bryan Lee O’Spidey!

Jeff Lester

At first, I really wanted to tease the hell out of this, and say stuff like “Wow, I’ve seen preview pages of Scott Pilgrim 4 and they go in a totally new direction” or “Hey, I just got the cover to the new Scott Pilgrim; check it out.” But I felt like a tool every time I sat down to write it. The fact is, I was having lunch with my friend John yesterday and we went to this Crown Books clearance center and John, having a three year old, was perusing the children’s books section while we gabbed. He was the one who held this book up to me and made some sort of wisecrack about Spider-Man’s changing status…  Read More…

Back From Vacation.

Brian Hibbs

Yeah, after the signing, I pretty much zoned out for a week solid. (Hopefully, you noticed.) After a whirlwind 72 hours consisting of the signing, APE, catching four movies with Robson, and getting my car broken into, my brain was little more than a piece of dry, unbuttered toast. So brain-dead was I that I couldn’t even find the new comics I bought from CE for five or six days. (The new Golgo and Drifting Classroom are tucked away in my bag for store reading today.) Anyway, I–oh, hey look! Comic book superstars! This is the best picture I took of our four signers from Friday, in part because it was a hard angle to catch all of them in…  Read More…

Don’t Rhyme No Mo’: Graeme doesn’t review.

Graeme McMillan

So, APE weekend and even though I was too nervous to talk to anyone at the signing yesterday – I’m only exaggerating slightly, sadly – a fine time was still had by all. If I had to nominate a king and queen of the whole thing, it’d be Bryan Lee O’Malley and Hope Larson, who put up with my shyness and appreciated Kate’s food tips never mind their obvious talent and attractiveness (That said, Kate’s food tips are generally always worth listening to). They also let me buy a page of Scott Pilgrim art that is on its way to being displayed in the bathroom, if only because I’ve been told by my lovely wife that every bathroom needs something…  Read More…


Jeff Lester

I keep trying to avoid that situation (which I know is nonetheless inevitable) where I’ll post pictures of the event next week and someone will say, “Hey, I didn’t know that was happening! Why didn’t you post a reminder or something? I even looked at your blog that Friday because I was in town for APE and I didn’t see anything!” If you’re in town around 5, stop by. It’s going to be a tremendous gathering of talent under one roof, and a great way to kick off your APE weekend.

Congratulations, but you can congratulate them yourself if you’re around tomorrow…

Brian Hibbs

Hey, look, the Eisner Nominations are out. And two names in particular stand out for me: Best Graphic Album—New American Born Chinese, by Gene Luen Yang (First Second) Special Recognition Hope Larson, Gray Horses (Oni) Wow, wouldn’t it be great if the two of them appeared together at a signing along with Kevin Huizenga and Bryan Lee O’Malley? Like, tomorrow, between 5 and 7? I just wanted to get that in before Jeff did.

Eight Days Away….

Jeff Lester

It’s almost ready. Are you? Sorry for being so tardy with the posting lately. I sat down this morning to write a few reviews and found myself stuck: I spent over an hour typing sentences and deleting ’em, typing and deleting in turn. Anyway, I have tentative plans to try liveblogging from the store tomorrow so hopefully that’ll work out a bit better. Lord knows there’s enough coming out….

Countdown to Awesome.

Jeff Lester

Less than two weeks until the signing? Holy Cow, that’s just crazy. Oh, and since I posted this on a Saturday, you can probably count on it showing up in the middle of this upcoming week (and probably next week as well, come to think of it.) Hope any of you inclined to show up will do so. It oughta be awesome.

Save The Date & Spread The News: CE’s Pre-Ape Signing for April 20, 2007!

Jeff Lester

Okay, this has been in the hopper for a while, but I didn’t get that gorgeous green light until just last week. We’re having a signing from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. on Friday, April 20, 2007 and I think it’s a pretty big deal. Y’see, when this year’s guests at APE were announced, I kinda lost my mind. So many great guests this year! I went to Hibbs and begged him to get some sort of signing together which he consented to as long as I organized it. So if this post doesn’t make much sense, or seems quasi-unhinged, please understand: not only am I tremendously whacked out because this is the first signing I’ve ever organized, but–more importantly–the signing…  Read More…