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Stray Question: Why is JIMMY CORRIGAN OOP?

Brian Hibbs

It hasn’t been available for months. It looks like March was the last time it was in print. With BUILDING STORIES doing as well as it is, shouldn’t this (And, for that matter, QUIMBY THE MOUSE) be in print? I don’t get it? -B

Wait, What? Ep. 92: Brave Faces

Jeff Lester

Above: the Tomato Bs waffle, which is tomatoes, brie and basil on a savory liege waffle, from The Waffle Window, Portland, OR   So, never let it be said, we don’t go the full nine yards for you here at Castle Wait, What?  For episode 92, not only did I drive 630 miles, set up and record this podcast in Graeme’s attic, drive 630 miles back, mix, edit, and upload the podcast, but I also provided detailed show notes for you! Not sure if it’s one time only thing or not, but join me behind the link so you can smoke it while you’ve got it!