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“Unorthodox Practices.” COMICS! Sometimes I Hope You Notice I Resisted The Temptation To Make A Terrible Play On Words Involving Her Surname!

John Kane

Ted McKeever. Lydia Lunch. Fluids. Image by McKeever, Lunch & Robins Anyway, this…

“And He Hasn’t Yet Learned HOW to Lose!” COMICS! Sometimes You shouldn’t Oughta Honk God Off!

John Kane

Gil Kane. John Buscema. Superman. Mortality. Image by Kane, Nowlan, Grant, Lopez, Giddings & Cone Anyway, this…

“He’s Better Than Great, Ricky! He’s SUPERMAN!” COMICS! Sometimes They Are Actually About A Man Who Is Super!

John Kane

Superman. Michael T. Gilbert. Sons and Fathers. Image by Gilbert, Bruzenak & Jamison Anyway, this…

“All This Because of One Lousy Book!” COMICS! Sometimes I Let The Sunshine In!

John Kane

Batman. Michael T. Gilbert. Stories. Anyway, this…

“Anybody Who Expects GRATITUDE From A Cat Is A REAL Asshole…” COMICS! Sometimes It Might Just Be A Beautifully Illustrated Black Joke At The Expense of Catholicism!

John Kane

During 1990-91 DC Comics published one of the finest comics ever created. Its sales did not set the world afire. In December 2014 you get the chance to put things right. In December 2014 DC Comics are publishing, for the first time ever, the collected TWILIGHT by Howard Victor Chaykin, José Luis García-López, Ken (Kenneth) Bruzenak, Steve Oliff and Richard Ory. I like it and I think you will too. (Now UPDATED to include quotes and acknowledgements.) From TWILIGHT by Chaykin, Garcia-Lopez, Bruzenak, Oliff & Ory Anyway, this…

“DO NOT Get In The Car.” COMICS! Sometimes I Just Want To Hug Scotland.

John Kane

Yeah, thanks Scotland. We’re stronger together and all that. But no time to shilly shally lets get on with kicking the Tories out. In the meantine I read some comics and then wrote some words about them. I wouldn’t grace them with the term reviews but, you know, it’s content. NIGHTWORLD by Leandri & McGovern Anyway, this…

“They’re Rewriting History. But They Forgot About Me.” VIDEO GAMES! Sometimes I Think After Manic Miner It Was All Downhill.

John Kane

Geeze Louise, it’s a regular content tailback you can see from space we got going on here. Below this is Brian “Two Shops” Hibbs’ Shipping List and under that is Abhay Khosla’s typically effervescent take on the TV pitch comic Fatale. Me, I let the side down and do a good impression of a middle aged man who doesn’t understand what he is looking at or why it is doing those things. Yes! I played a video game and I didn’t have to go to an Arcade to do it. It was in my own home. Food in pill form next. I’m tellin’ ya! IT’S PEOPLE! Oh, be warned; I have no idea how to get pictures off my XBox…  Read More…

“I’ve Tasted SHOES With More Flavour.” COMICS! Sometimes Despite It Being Summer I Still Sit Here And Write This Rhubarb!

John Kane

As tradition dictates I read some comics and then wrote about them. However, I feel it incumbent upon me to direct your gaze further down the page where two other people have done some real writing. Don’t worry there’s none of that below this cut; consistency is key! By Scioli & Barber Anyway, this…

“Make A NECKTIE With His TONGUE!” COMICS! Sometimes You Can’t Put Lipstick On A Bat!

John Kane

Well what with all the IT hilarity I don’t know whether this will be here tomorrow but let’s live for today and look at some Batman comics. That’s what they mean, right, when they say live each day like there’s no tomorrow, right? They mean read some Batman comics. I mean if people seriously lived life for the moment then there’d be no societal infrastructure and stuff would just never get done; you know what folk are like they would be be looting, murdering and rutting like dogs in the street. It’d be like a prison riot but the whole world would be the prison. Now I think about it, Live each day like there’s no tomorrow is some pretty…  Read More…

“G’wan And STARE At Me. I KNOW I’m Not Pretty!” COMICS! Sometimes They’re So Fine They Blow My Mind! (Hey, Mickey!)

John Kane

In which I carved out a bit of free time at the weekend and chose to spend it with you worshipping at the altar of Mike McMahon. Just like any sane person would. Anyway, this…

“…Sweet Innocence Defiled By The Breath Of Foulness…” COMICS! Sometimes The Undead Are Impeccably Dressed!

John Kane

“Four hundred years ago my vampiric kiss transformed the woman I loved into a soulless thing called Mary, Queen of Blood! Today an unholy order follows her evil designs, and the blood they spill is on my hands!…” But enough about me. What about Andrew Bennett? What about “I…Vampire!” Anyway, this…

“…FLYING Bicycles Don’t LEAVE Treadmarks!” COMICS! Sometimes Justice Wears A Unitard!

John Kane

Look, I’ll level with you. Here in the UK it’s far  too hot to write intros. It’s so hot I just stepped in my own face. So this is your lot. Ho! Ho! It am Bizarro Gary Groth! Or is it? Read on to find out as we explore the magical world of old super hero comics!

Armageddon 2001 – A Story So Good They Had To Screw It Up

Jordan Smith

Preposterously and against long odds I am an unabashed fan of the DC Comics event ARMAGEDDON 2001.  Way, way, back in the halcyon days of 90-91 Archie Goodwin wrote, what I believe to be, a very clean, direct, and fantastic single issue.  That I think it stands shoulder to shoulder on the myth-making stage with some of the classics is my cross to bear.  

“Aimed Like A Spear-Head At Your VITALS!!” COMICS! Sometimes They Beggar Belief!!

John Kane

Did the Pharaohs crave eggnog? The riddle of children and adults – could “aging” hold the answer? Revealed – The Treasure Map of The Cosbys!!! Disease – Could it be caused by creatures too small to see!!! Are “facts” just very popular lies?!? Did YOU man the concessionary stand at Ford’s theatre that fateful April Friday in 1865?!? The Bermuda Triangle – what if you did look at it from Barry Manilow’s angle? Even on its best day Science will be helpless to explain how in 1971 Jack Kirby predicted Jeff Lester’s beard of 2013: Who’s laughing now, Science! WHO IS “LAUGHING” NOW?!? Anyway, this…

“Do They Still READ In The Future?” COMICS! Sometimes It’s Great To Be Rude!

John Kane

It was Half-Term last week hence the silence. Yes, the blessed silence. But now your God has failed you and I am back! It has been quietly suggested that I put on hold my tribute to Charlie Drake and maybe look at some comics this time. So, no actors who were dead before you grew your big teeth this time out. Just comics! Just lovely, lovely comics! But were they lovely? Hmmmmm? Anyway, this… NEXUS by Steve Rude & Mike Baron

“…Eerie Friend Of The Needy…” COMICS! Sometimes Gil Did ‘em With Roy!

John Kane

What? Oh, yes. I was on about Gil Kane wasn’t I? Thought I’d forgotten didn’t you? Or hoped. Probably the latter. Springs eternal, so I hear, much like my chuntering. Where were we…ah, 1980s Gil Kane… …and no, nobody does answer that question. But then who cares – it’s 1980’s Gil Kane! Anyway, this…

“…Achieving Liberal Ends By Fascist Means.” COMICS! Sometimes They Fight To Make Men Free!

John Kane

…and it stank like it something had crawled up it and died! What? I’m on? That’s a bit ahead of schedule. Caught me on the hop a bit there, let’s see what we can do. Hold on…let me check my pockets…right! Harumph! This’ll have to do. Here goes. Welcome, International Comrades! In this exciting post I will be treating the eyes of all to the sight of many comic covers. Yes! These coruscating covers adorned the 1982-4 run of BLACKHAWK; a run written by Mark Evanier and drawn by Dan Spiegle with back ups from a heavenly host of talents. Pleasure for all viewers ensured as I have mastered the scanner! Technology is yet servant to the flesh! Yes! So,…  Read More…

“That Soldier–He’s A Woman?!” COMICS! Sometimes We Sing A Song For The Unsung!

John Kane

So, I managed to wrestle a broken down wreck of a scanner out of the garage. To give it a proper work out I scanned in a bunch of covers by the artist Luis Dominguez; who I totally rate. I chucked in a bit of context but don’t worry there aren’t many words in this one. Mostly it’s a bunch of ’70s Western covers by a neglected Argentinian artist. I say mostly covers but also the famous scene where Scalphunter arm wrestled Abe Lincoln. Top that, Spielberg! Anyway, this…

“You See That? He’s STILL The Greatest!” COMICS! Sometimes It’s GilWolf Unbound!

John Kane

A-huh! HUH! It’s another instalment of Gil Happy! Unsightly blemishes are a thing of the past as Gil Kane and his plucky sidekick, Marv Wolfman, team up with friends galore to document the exciting, amazing and thoroughly ridiculous adventures of 1980s Superman. Bonus! Feel the years just fall away as we revisit that time a comics creator flicked DC’s tie back in its face! Documentary evidence provided! Anyway this… DC’s Legal Department in a self congratulatory mood…oh, sorry, it’s actually Brainiac!

“Rodeo Ain’t Over Yet!” COMICS! Sometimes I Don’t Have A Title!

John Kane

Hello! Here are some words about some comics. The sales figures analysis is just below this. Very good it is too! To clarify, the Hibbs’ stuff is good, not this stuff. Anyway, this…

BookScan 2012: important addendum

Brian Hibbs

It was observed to me by a third party that for a good part of 2012 Barnes & Noble was not stocking the “top 100″ DC Comics, which I entirely forgot about in my BookScan 2012 report. There are published reports that say that this ended at the end of June 2012, but there’s also reports from everyone’s favorite muckraker, Rich Johnston, that some/much of the books were returning to some B&N locations before 2011 even ended. What does this actually do to the charts?  I have no real idea. Typically 4th quarter is the strongest sales quarter, so, in theory, this should have impacted DC’s 2011 numbers much stronger than 2012, but even that’s uncertain — how much demand…  Read More…

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