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Wait, What? Ep. 129: Idol Speculation

Jeff Lester

A nifty piece of fan art from the crazily talented Adam P. Knave. Thank you, Adam! We are back!  To do that thing to your ears that you insist you like!  (Really, you like it? Really?) After the jump — show notes!  That thing I do to your eyes that…maybe is helpful?  Even the way I do it, maybe?  Join us!

I have no title, and I must scream! Hibbs’ 5/22/13

Brian Hibbs

Thoughts on Twelve Angry Comics from this week, below that jump

Wait, What? Ep. 112: A New Dope

Jeff Lester

Wasn’t able to find Ditko inking Kirby, but here’s Dan Clowes inking Ditko! Ganked from Robot 6 and elsewhere… Okay, and so but here is our latest episode about which I will provide you with more detail after the jump!

Its my bar of chocolate, give it to me NOW!

Brian Hibbs

OK, MarvelNOW! has pretty much gotten going, where did we leave off…?  

Wait, What? Ep. 107: Hardly Working

Jeff Lester

Australian, as she is spoke–from All-New X-Men #1, by Brian Bendis and Stuart Immonen So, I am loathe to admit it…but I totally did that thing where I was running under the gun and so the show notes have a certain je ne sais LEAVE FIFTY THOUSAND IN THE TRASH CAN AT EAST ENTRANCE OF CENTRAL PARK OR SHE IS DEAD quality to them. Nonetheless, after the jump: show notes!

Wait, What? Ep. 97: How soon is NOW

Jeff Lester

Just listen.  Trust me. Episode 97! We are getting very, very close to the triple digits!  And, as you can see with the show notes after the jump, we are still capable of bringing the high weirdness. (After the jump: Hi, Weirdness!)

Trying to get back on track: Hibbs’ 7/4 & 7/11

Brian Hibbs

I posted the Batman Earth One review last week, so that covers my “quota”, I guess. I’m going to mix up a little of this week and last for this week’s post from me…

Here comes Crankypants!: Hibbs’ 5/23

Brian Hibbs

Here I am, here I am!

Hibbs says “Heeellllo 3/14’s comics!”

Brian Hibbs

Two weeks in a row, yeah, baybee.

Wait, What? Ep. 78: Quotes From Pandora Three-Sixteen

Jeff Lester

(This installment’s accidental shout-out courtesy of Action Comics #7) Normally, I try and pitch some rhetorical woo at you as a way to encourage or remind you to listen to this miniature stage play of the mind  Graeme (with his smooth, Noel Cowardesque line delivery) and I (with my stammering Method Actor incoherence) offer up each week. However, as the soul-stealing monster known as Daylight Savings Time has arrived to demand the tribute of an hour from each of us trembling villagers, I fear I’ve got nothing especially fleet-footed with which to charm you, merely the verbal posturings of the maladroit and the overwrought.  The sundial? Tis broken.  The hourglass? Now hollow. But if you wish to remember me fondly,…  Read More…

Wait, What? Ep. 73: Thicker Than Forget

Jeff Lester

We didn’t even come close. Don’t get me wrong–we certainly tried.  But give Graeme and I more than four dozen questions with an amorphous time deadline and you’re not going to get the bulk of those questions answered even with us putting in two and a half hours to get it done.  [Though we do so at the expense of Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84: if you are currently reading that book, please skip over the 20-25 minute section of the podcast to avoid some ship-sinking spoilers.  (Sorry again, Luke.)] So consider this Part 1 of our answers to your questions, with Part 2 to come next week.  If we go to Part 3, I give you permission to begin hunting us…  Read More…

“I don’t know about the cat.” Comics! Sometimes they are a bit creepy!

John Kane

Hey, I read some comics and then I wrote about them in a hot new style I like to call “cack-handed”. If you aren’t doing anything else this weekend, sugar rush, you might want to get your hands  all cacky with me?

Wait, What? Ep. 12.1: The Bottled City of Candor

Jeff Lester

I either need to get much, much better or much, much worse at my image searches for our podcast entries… Anyway, Schrodinger’s website situation notwithstanding, Wait, What? ep. 12.1 is on Itunes for you to peruse, and in it Graeme and I talk about many, many things–like “Busiekgate,” Hickman, Fraction, and the influence of Grant Morrison on today’s books, and (as you may guess from the image above) a big ol’ discussion on Joss Whedon and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, seasons five through eight. Or, should you prefer, you can listen to it here: Wait, What? Episode 12.1 and we’ll have Episode 12.2 for you tomorrow. Hopefully, with a better image. Or maybe a much worse one. (p.s.:  Special thanks…  Read More…

Pairings #1 (of ??): Jeff Looks at Blackest Night, Fantastic Four

Jeff Lester

As I mentioned the other day, I got to Comix Experience yesterday for the first time in a month–well, over a month, obviously, because so many of the books I follow had two issues waiting for me. So while I’m gonna try and pass this off on you as a study of “trends” or “pairings” or some similar “horseshit,” don’t be fooled: it’s just because I read two issues of something at once and can’t quite disentangle my impression of one from the other. Behind the jump: Blackest Night issues #5 and #6, Fantastic Four #573 and #574. BLACKEST NIGHT #5 and #6: It’d be great if 2010 ended up being the Year I Learned To Quit Worrying and Love…  Read More…

Comics of 8/18

Brian Hibbs

Yah, like Lester I was thinking about how good ol internet time made it seem like we never posted. What’s up with that? I’ve mostly been trying to unravel a Mystery in the UK the last few days — I think I have most of it sussed, but I’m still not sure HOW to solve the crime, as it were. I also finished TILTING (appears on Friday on Newsarama), and have started making notes on Deppey’s NuMarvel essay in the new Journal. Damn, that’s one fine issue. Plus I dinged 30 in CoH, and am now playing the How Long Until I Get Bored and Quit game (I doubt I’ll make it to 35, is all I can say, but…  Read More…

Ben’s asleep now!

Brian Hibbs

The best part of him climbing up on the shelf is that he doesn’t have the foggiest notion of how to get himself down, so he’ll start crying about that, and I haul him to mother earth, and what does he do? Yeah, try to get back there right away. He understands there IS gravity, but he doesn’t quite get how it works yet…. Still, I got him down for his afternoon nap, so back at my in-box…. KINETIC #5: There were a couple of books that really REALLY made me wish I had a column during the hiatus — issue #4 of Kinetic was one of those. Wonderful quiet story about the reactions of his mother as her world shatter…  Read More…