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Wait, What? Ep. 55.2: Press 1 for Yes, 2 for No

Jeff Lester

And we’re back with big finale of the podcast we recorded twice and edited twice (and, in a fine bit of “oh, ha-ha-ha, where’s my magical suicide gun?”, I had to write this entry twice because the first one got wiped out, ha-ha-ha, no really, where is it?). Included in this installment’s topics are The Trial of the Flash Showcase, Flashpoint #5, Thor: The Motion Picture, Flashpoint #5, the first volume of Bakuman, Fighting American and the Newsboy Legion, Flashpoint #5, Kid Eternity, the marketing of Schism, and the comic event that is not Fear Itself #5. This embarrassment of riches (or, alternately, embarrassment, depending on how you feel about these things) is available to you on iTunes and also…  Read More…

Wait, What? Ep. 55.1: The Second Time as Farce

Jeff Lester

You see before you a burnt-out husk of a man. Oh, wait. You can’t see me? Whoops. But! If you could see me, you would see before you a burnt-out husk of a man. Not only did Graeme and I record two full hours of ep. 55 before learning that my computer hadn’t recorded it, not only did we then record it again, but I managed to lose several hours worth of editing so I had to do that all over as well. Maybe there’s a lesson in there to be learned about time travel, or about Flashpoint #5, or Justice League #1 (all of which we discuss in this installment, for almost an hour) but I’d like to think…  Read More…

On Endings….

Brian Hibbs

Sorry I’ve been so reviewless lately — just stupid swamped between various store bits (CEO and order form being the same week always hits me hard, and we’ve been negotiating to rerack the store, as well as doing our first advertising in a long long time, since DC is making with the 75% co-op on Facebook and Google ads for The New 52), and home stuff (school starting, various PTA duties from the beginning of the year, repainting our downstairs, so we have some rooms that look like a minimalist’s wet dream, while others are a Hoader’s nightmare, boxes and pile of crap teetering everywhere) and then all of my extra-curricular stuff like writing Tilting and crusading various fronts of…  Read More…

Wait, What? Ep. 53.1: Why Are They Smiling?

Jeff Lester

I kinda like that I’ve decided to call this installment, “Why Are They Smiling?” and I have a this illustration of someone asking “Why are they smiling?” and also maybe someone says it in the very podcast, too. It’s a bit like “Merv Griffin!”, that most excellent Milk & Cheese cartoon, and it’s a bit like that “turtles all the way down” meme, and a bit like that faux-Jack T. Chick Cthulhu strip, and it’s a bit like I have headache and can’t really think of anything especially subtle. So. Due to said headache, I will skip the program notes which I’ve been trying to add (not really sure if they’re helping anyone or not, anyway) and, hmmm, maybe I…  Read More…

Honestly, I have no idea for a title — Hibbs on 7/3

Brian Hibbs

BOYS #57: I really have nothing to say about this issue (other than “I’ve become generally bored with this title, and the only thing that keeps me reading is Hughie and Annie’s relationship”), but how…. bizarrely  ironic, maybe, that this cover came out the same week as ULTIMATE FALLOUT #4? Still, an EH comic. FLASHPOINT #4: Again, not a ton to say — this is competently executed, but it really isn’t buttering my bread, if you know what I mean? —  but on the meta-level, there’s something, again, ironic about the notion that the universe is about to have its reality rewritten by the only true Saint of the Silver Age, who effectively has a form of Alzheimers?  Also? I…  Read More…

Wait, What? Ep. 48.1: Talk Itself

Jeff Lester

Sometimes I think Graeme and I would do well to learn something like moderation. We took a week off — a week off during which we saw each other and hung out, mind you — and then when we got back together we talked for something like THREE HOURS, almost all about comic books. Yeah, but so then. Here’s part 1 of Wait, What? Ep. 48, wherein Graeme and I talk roommates (briefly), the Marvel Architects (perplexedly), Tom Brevoort (awe-struckedly), and, of course, Fear Itself #4 and Flashpoint #3.  I’m trying to be a bit better about the context thing so that link for Mr. TB takes you right to the article quoted in our episode my G.McM. You should’ve…  Read More…

Wait, What? Ep. 46: Sympathy for the Mephisto Analogue

Jeff Lester

So much time! So little to do! (Wait a minute. Reverse that.) It’s the latest episode of Wait, What? wherein Graeme McMillan and yours truly talk about those comic books what need talking about: Wolverine #9; Flashpoint tie-ins The Superman Project #1 and Reverse Flash #1; James Robinson’s JLA; Earth X; Green Lantern Mosaic; Kirby Genesis #1; Steve Englehart’s Captain America and much more. You might even discover the true identity of that cute little tyke up there. It should be available on iTunes by now, and it is also the sort of thing that you could be listening to here and now, if that’s the sort of thing that kung-pao’s your chicken: Wait, What? Ep. 45: Sympathy for the…  Read More…

“More Water, Ma’am?”…Comics? They still make ’em and I still read ‘em!

John Kane

Enter my personal four colour nightmare! Gonna make your eyes boil like eggs! Or bore you senseless. Hard to tell really. Anyway, I read some comics wrote some words – it’s a story as old as Love itself! Like my face. (You look lost, stranger – The Shipping List is the next post down)

Savage Symposium: FEAR ITSELF & FLASHPOINT (Part 3 of 3)

Abhay Khosla

The fiery climax of our roundtable Q&A, in which questions about FLASHPOINT #2 are FINALLY ANSWERED, preconceptions are EXPLODED, homes are INVADED, true love is TESTED, and the hope of ALL will fall into the hands of ONE– and in a stunning twist ending, it turns out we were all in monogamous relationships with prostitutes this ENTIRE time.  Who saw that coming?  Well, in my case, everybody.  Everybody saw it coming.  Awwwww.

Savage Symposium: FEAR ITSELF & FLASHPOINT (Part 2 of 3)

Abhay Khosla

Part 2, in which Questions are asked about FLASHPOINT #1 & FEAR ITSELF #3, lessons are learned, truths are revealed, a bloody revenge is discharged and a bloody discharge has its revenge.

Flash(point Tie-Ins)! Aaaaaaah ahhhhhhhhhh! Graeme Saved Everyone of You From Having To Read Them!

Graeme McMillan

I am a bad comic fan, I think, because I didn’t manage to get to the store this week. On the plus side, it’s because I was doing a bunch of other things, so maybe I’m just a busy comic fan. Luckily, though, DC thought to send me preview copies of this week’s and next week’s Flashpoint minis, so it’s apparently round two of the great Flashpoint mini-series reviewathon:

Savage Symposium: FEAR ITSELF & FLASHPOINT (Part 1 of 3)

Abhay Khosla

As part of the 10th anniversary of The Savage Critics on the internet, and in conjunction with the 4-part discussion of Chester Brown’s PAYING FOR IT, a more mainstream-oriented “round-table” discussion of Marvel Comics’s multi-title crossover headline series FEAR ITSELF and DC Comics’s multi-title crossover headline series FLASHPOINT was conducted between April 11, 2011 and June 19, 2011, covering slightly less than the first halves of both series. As each issue of FEAR ITSELF #’s 1-3 & FLASHPOINT #’s 1-2 was released, a single question was posed.

Backwards Lap: Capsule Reviews from Jeff

Jeff Lester

Yes, dammit.  I am currently committed to this capsule review thing, if only because it forces Hibbs and Graeme to also write reviews and my WASPy upbringing inherently enjoys guilting people into stuff. After the jump: comics from last week, last year, and a very cool fan letter.

Graeme Tries To Remember How This Capsule Thing Works For Some 5/11 Books

Graeme McMillan

Call me a sentimental old fool if you must, but it feels to me like the best way to do a post on the 10th birthday of the Savage Critics is to go old school, and try and remember how those capsule reviews of yore worked… (Click through for nostalgia! But scroll down to read Hibbs’ post, if you haven’t already!)

(Inset witty title here)

Brian Hibbs

Why is it that that the weeks with lots and lots of things to discuss are weeks where I have some other deadline driven project (order form, ONOMATOPOEIA, whatever), but the week’s I have time to write there’s not a lot I actually want to say?   Still, I’ve been horrible the last few weeks, and while I did a lot of writing for the next Savage Symposium, I don’t think you’ll see that for another week or three? So let’s me dive into what I have to say here…   PUNISHERMAX #13: This book seriously lost its momentum when it went on that hiatus (seriously, we lost like 1/3 of our sales here at Comix Experience), but I have…  Read More…

Events in mah brain!

Brian Hibbs

It is April, and we’re starting this year’s cycle of event storytelling. I’m fairly unconvinced this is what the audience actually and truly wants — at best I tend to think that the market supports them because its been sooooo long since we sold comics purely on the strength of the comics that we’ve forgotten anything BUT events, but I guess we’ll see what shakes out.   Clearly the market is reeling right now — January and February were abysmal, and March not really that much better — and there’s a sense to me, at least, that this year’s are “make or break” for the Marvel and DC universes in some fashion or another.   Not like comics will go…  Read More…