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“I Guess You Could Call It An EYEFUL SORE!” COMICS! Sometimes That Joke Isn’t Punny Anymore!

John Kane

Bit of a hybrid this time out. It’s a little bit European and a little bit American. Something for everyone! Also, Batman! Everyone loves Batman! Unfortunately it’s kind of terrible. But, wait! I’m getting ahead of myself… BATMAN: EUROPA by Parel, Camuncoli, Casali, Azzarello and Brosseau Anyway, this…

“…I Won’t Insult You By Quoting Neitzsche.” COMICS! Sometimes Chaykin Is Your Higher Power!

John Kane

Hey, it’s another version of Iron Man‘s origin but with a more realistic approach to booze abusing! So it’s over to the Master of The Mai-Tai hissownself Mr. Howard Victor Chaykin, with an assist from Mr. Gerald Parel, to bring all the short term memory loss, vomiting, visuo-spatial impairments, erectile dysfunction and renal failure fans of The Inebriated Iron Man demand! Anyway, this…