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Wait, What? Ep. 114: Everything We Could Stand

Jeff Lester

Jaxxon drawing by our very own renaissance man, Graeme McMillan… Skip week is over so we are back for another episode or two (we will probably skip Valentine’s Day, I am betting that right now). Before we get into it, though: look at that Jaxxon! What a great drawing of a very old, obscure Star Wars character that I dearly love! Well done, Mr. Graeme McMillan, well done.  Please email me if you want to be part of the crew that tries to peer pressure Graeme into drawing more comics… After the jump: Love! Links! Show notes!

Justice is like a Hawk

Brian Hibbs

Sorry for that title, heh, just been rereading WATCHMEN again. HAWKMAN SPECIAL #1: If you had told me 10 or 15 years ago that Jim Starlin would be writing and drawing HAWKMAN, I would have probably been pretty, “Wow, that sounds AWEsome, let’s order a ton!”, but come 2008 my response was far more muted because Starlin has had a string of fairly mediocre books lately. Nothing particularly awful or anything, but neither nothing that I’ve thought was exceptional, or that sold well. It’s also marketed as a tie-in to the RANN/THANAGAR HOLY WAR mini, which isn’t selling as well as it should either. But, oddly, maybe this should have been marketed as a FINAL CRISIS book — it talks…  Read More…

In which I fall in love with a brushstroke: Graeme in a tree with Kubert, Hawkman.

Graeme McMillan

So last night, I had a dream that proved that my subconscious was frantically grabbing what little pieces of pop culture that I’d exposed myself to over the last couple of days – My life was being narrated by This American Life’s Ira Glass, and illustrated by Joe Kubert. Needless to say, everything was much funnier than it is in real life, and looked beautiful. Kubert’s art was pretty much the main reason that I picked up SHOWCASE PRESENTS HAWKMAN VOLUME 1, the phone-book-sized collection of the first Silver Age stories about the man with the feather fetish. I’ve never been a major fan of the character or the concept, but the idea of getting lots of prime Kubert art…  Read More…

Comics of 8/18

Brian Hibbs

Yah, like Lester I was thinking about how good ol internet time made it seem like we never posted. What’s up with that? I’ve mostly been trying to unravel a Mystery in the UK the last few days — I think I have most of it sussed, but I’m still not sure HOW to solve the crime, as it were. I also finished TILTING (appears on Friday on Newsarama), and have started making notes on Deppey’s NuMarvel essay in the new Journal. Damn, that’s one fine issue. Plus I dinged 30 in CoH, and am now playing the How Long Until I Get Bored and Quit game (I doubt I’ll make it to 35, is all I can say, but…  Read More…

Ben’s asleep now!

Brian Hibbs

The best part of him climbing up on the shelf is that he doesn’t have the foggiest notion of how to get himself down, so he’ll start crying about that, and I haul him to mother earth, and what does he do? Yeah, try to get back there right away. He understands there IS gravity, but he doesn’t quite get how it works yet…. Still, I got him down for his afternoon nap, so back at my in-box…. KINETIC #5: There were a couple of books that really REALLY made me wish I had a column during the hiatus — issue #4 of Kinetic was one of those. Wonderful quiet story about the reactions of his mother as her world shatter…  Read More…