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Wait, What? Ep. 121: Gilded View

Jeff Lester

Erroneously called ‘Barbarian Romance’ by Jeff throughout the hours that follow. Image, I believe, by Corey Lewis for Brandon Graham; Apologies if that link is a jerk. Oh my god, it almost doesn’t matter what hour of the day or night it is, my next door neighbors WILL NOT FUCKING SHUT UP. After the jump: show notes just the way Thomas Hobbes would like ’em: nasty, brutish and short.  (Actually, just short.)

Wait, What? Ep. 114: Everything We Could Stand

Jeff Lester

Jaxxon drawing by our very own renaissance man, Graeme McMillan… Skip week is over so we are back for another episode or two (we will probably skip Valentine’s Day, I am betting that right now). Before we get into it, though: look at that Jaxxon! What a great drawing of a very old, obscure Star Wars character that I dearly love! Well done, Mr. Graeme McMillan, well done.  Please email me if you want to be part of the crew that tries to peer pressure Graeme into drawing more comics… After the jump: Love! Links! Show notes!

All this, and World War, too? Hibbs Hulks Out

Brian Hibbs

INCREDIBLE HULK #106, WAR WAR HULK: PROLOGUE: These are of a set, so let’s look at them like such. I’ll cop to the fact that, in my little secret fanboy heart, this is the crossover this year that I’m most looking forward to. Why? Because it seems pretty “pure” to me: They made Hulk mad, now Hulk SMASH! Pretty hard to screw that up, and its a nice clean line. The PROLOGUE is more or less “here’s what got us here”, but does a pretty good job of not feeling like a clip show. Nothing is recycled, just recapped. Its a pretty effective presentation of the basic information, and I wasn’t bored while reading it (especially since I read all…  Read More…


Brian Hibbs

So, Ben showed me his first real signs of higher intelligence yesterday. We got him some blocks a month or so ago, and he did a lot of the “raking claw” and mostly just knocked them around the room. Which is cool, and all — he’s still a baby. But for the last week or so, everytime I’ve played with him I’ve tried patiently to show him how to stack the blocks. Didn’t really work, he mostly showed interest in knocking down the stack, flinging the blocks all over the room. This might have been because he was so excited he couldn’t control his fine movements, but I was starting to despair that he wasn’t figuring it out. Anyway, I’m…  Read More…