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“I’ll TILT-A-WHIRL You…!” Sometimes The Louder You Scream The Faster It Goes!

John Kane

Just one comic, and not too many words. Oh, happy 4th of July, I guess. This one’s for all of my American buddies. (It’s got nothing whatsoever to do with the 4th of July, if I’m being quite honest.) SHADOWS ON THE GRAVE: “The Clown” by Corben Anyway, this…

“No! It’s ANGRY!” COMICS! Sometimes They Bow Before The King (Of R’n’R).

John Kane

Good Day! Jolly Good Day! Over here we are shortly to be having a Jubilee shindig! You don’t get one so I gave you this instead. It’s all over the bally shop but some of it is about comics. You have been warned and so my hands are clean but look at the state of your fingernails!

“Let Him Be A Child A Little Longer.” COMICS! Sometimes They Are Diverse!

John Kane

Hey, the postman finally turned up. I guess the hostiles must have been restless out there in the Badlands or something. Anyway, he may not have rung twice but he did drop off a box of comics. Here’s me going on about some of them after the break:

“It Has A HEART And A MIND!” Comics! Sometimes They Are Dissolute.

John Kane

Come Sir, or Madam, set yourself beside this hearth and join me in a snifter as we peruse a periodical of low-repute and learn of a very naughty home, a most naughty home indeed!