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Oh Good, Another Year. COMICS! 2012 The Year I Really Didn’t Pay Attention!

John Kane

I do so hope all across the globe had a happy holiday and got stuff and ate stuff and watched stuff and generally did stuff where stuff was involved. I did, which is why I’ve been AWOL so sorries and all that but here’s my wrap up for 2012. A year I paid little attention to while it was going on, made no notes and am now left floundering for stuff to write! Appetising, non? Anyway it’s Saturday night and I’ve places to be, people to see, y’know how it is. Yes, I am lying. This is all I have. Anyway, let’s see how this goes. My money’s on – badly.

Don’t Ask For Questions When You’re The Big Question Mark, or Something

Graeme McMillan

Firstly, if you haven’t seen Hibbs’ post from earlier today, you should go and read it right now. I’ll wait. It’s relevant to your interests, if your interests are “buying comics” and “things that’ll be happening to this site.” Back (or didn’t click on the link to begin with)? Okay, now I’ll do my bit. Savage Criticians*! Jeff and I are doing another round of question-answerin’ for next week’s Wait, What?, which we’ll be recording tomorrow. This gives you, oh, 20 hours or so before we start recording to leave questions/comments/declarations of undying love in the comments of this post that we’ll either get around to tomorrow or, as we all saw last time we did this, the following week….  Read More…