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“I’m Hip.” COMICS! Sometimes The Best Diet Is Revenge!

John Kane

Yes! Just in time for Christmas! Howard Victor Chaykin, Ken Bruzenak and Jesus Arbuto team up to present a breezy paced filthy mouthed corpse strewn comedy of bullshit and revenge in a book of which I said, “It’s okay, you know. I liked it. I’m not mad about it but I’m glad I have it.” More incisive criticism, impotent invective against the new fangled medium of Television and a distinct lack of editing skills or even self awareness after the break!

“Guh, UH. Huh, HUH.” COMICS! Sometimes They Are Unseemly!

John Kane

So, Howard Victor Chaykin returned to his successful BLACK KISS creation and penned a sequel. What could possibly go wrong!?! (SPOILER: I liked it.)

“Oh, Come ON.” Comics! Sometimes They Are Set in 1959!

John Kane

Yeah, sorry about this. What can I say?  I will take your patience and shatter it like the dry bones of your childhood dreams! Next Time: A Howard Victor Chaykin free zone. Promise!