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“I don’t know about the cat.” Comics! Sometimes they are a bit creepy!

John Kane

Hey, I read some comics and then I wrote about them in a hot new style I like to call “cack-handed”. If you aren’t doing anything else this weekend, sugar rush, you might want to get your hands  all cacky with me?

Hibbs on 2/28 (part 3!!)

Brian Hibbs

Just back from WonderCon — Fridays are generally slow there, so its definitely the right day to go. I expect Saturday to be Madness. MADNESS, I say! WC moved yet again — this time to Moscone South, or “The Big Moscone”, which made it seem even more slow, but, if I had to guess, attendance was probably up a little bit, just spread out over a bigger area. Pro attendance seemed kind of low to me, but this may be a function of Convention Season Death March, with Florida 2 weeks ago, NY last week, and LA in 2 weeks from now — how can people do THAT MANY shows in a row? Ben came with me for a couple…  Read More…