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“G’wan And STARE At Me. I KNOW I’m Not Pretty!” COMICS! Sometimes They’re So Fine They Blow My Mind! (Hey, Mickey!)

John Kane

In which I carved out a bit of free time at the weekend and chose to spend it with you worshipping at the altar of Mike McMahon. Just like any sane person would. Anyway, this…

“Your Uniform Makes You An Erotic SHADOW..” COMICS! Sometimes It’s A Family Matter!

John Kane

Firstly, fans of Jog’s fine writing on the works of Howard Victor Chaykin are directed HERE. Everyone else gets this. No, there are no refunds. Stop asking me that. Anyway, this… “Mrs Eisenmann, you’re trying to seduce me.”

Everyone Loses: Hibbs on 9/3’s cape comics

Brian Hibbs

Four superhero books below that cut!