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“People in this Country Have Had Enough of Experts!” Sometimes They’ll Have To Pry My Roast Beef From My Cold Dead Hands.

John Kane

Bit different this one, no comics in it so feel free to skip it. Pretty much just a big vent. A great howl of anguish at the tsunami of jackassery in which me and mine have to exist. Basically, so appalled have I been by my own behaviour that I wrote this an act of atonement. Like that Ian McEwan book, Night of The Crabs; no, it was…oh, I can’t remember which one it is! So, an old man tries to engage with the world around him and hilarity ensues. It’s a cautionary tale, natch. Look out, Brendan Gleeson! Anyway, this…

“Why Is That Puppet’s Bosom EXPOSED?” COMICS! Sometimes Corben Endures!

John Kane

Good morrow! It is I, the man who skipped a week without notice! I’m sure your rancour and anger have abated somewhat. If indeed they ever existed. Perhaps it was a feeling more akin to relief. As when the drowning man releases that last bubble of air and watches it rise unhurriedly to the surface through clouded but resigned and unpanicked eyes. No, my American friends, I have no idea what I’m talking about as – Christmas? Getting in the way of your free content it appears.  Anyway, this…