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Brian Hibbs

I think I will have some reviews up Very Soon (maybe even today, if I follow the plan in my head), but in the meantime, here’s a little link bait of stuff that’s been sitting around in my browser and made me think a little or a lot:

While We Wait For Me To Get My Act Together…

Brian Hibbs

Not an official review post – Those’re coming later this week, now that I’ve finished writing Ono for this month – but if you’re looking for some Hot Comic Reviewin’ Action, go check out Chad Nevett’s heroic 24-hour Blogathon effort from yesterday/this morning, taking a look at Bendis’ Avengers and surrounding books. I don’t always agree – and in some cases, very much disagree, with what he says, but it’s well worth checking out.

A Perfect Holiday: Jeff Pulls a Bait & Linkdump.

Jeff Lester

Ooo, so far behind. On my comics reading, on my comics Internet reading, on my writing, you name it. But! I did think I’d pass along two links that made my morning a little merrier. They’re behind the link, just because the images might be big enough to screw up the template… I’m sure you already know–and have known since February–that Paul Grist has been serializing his Eternal Warrior comic online. I found out about over the weekend thanks to an old post on Shane Oakley’s blog. There’s about 28 pages there, which puts some meat on its bones, and it’s fun looking at Grist take Moorcock ideas and Barry Windsor-Smith visuals and make them his own. And, of course,…  Read More…