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“Gara Gara!” COMICS! Sometimes They Are MANGA!

John Kane

Konichiwa! What follows is almost Zen like in the purity of its pointlessness. Unless…unless you are one of the three living people who have not already read these old manga comics. Comics which are now available again in a new series of petite omnibooks. So someone must not have read them, right? C’mon, throw me a rope here! Anyway, this…

Wait, What? Ep. 122: Capespaces

Jeff Lester

From Bandette #4 by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover. It’s pretty damn delightful. Hey, everyone!  Next week is a skip week!  Do you hear me? SKIP WEEK. Show notes?  Oh yes, there are certainly show notes. RIGHT AFTER THE JUMP.

Wait, What? Ep. 103: Churls on Film

Jeff Lester

They had me at “Kpow!”: Gil Kane Atom slugs Gil Kane Green Lantern, from Justice League of America #200. And so it’s that time again, O Mighty Whatnauts.  Join us behind the jump for show notes and kvetching, ‘kay?

Verse Chorus Verse: Jeff’s Capsule Reviews from 6/8

Jeff Lester

Does it bode ill for my reviews when I can’t think of a clever thing to say while convincing you to follow me behind the jump for capsule reviews?  It probably is, isn’t it?  Ah, well.  I just finished watching the screen adaptation of The Black Dahlia.  I mean, I’d heard that movie would be bad, but there were wrong casting decisions, terrible direction, and some bad mistakes in adapting Ellroy’s skeezy epic to the screen. As a quasi-fan of Brian DePalma, it’s a painful, painful movie to watch.  And I blame it for my inability to bring you a witty intro: the movie is a like a form of slow-acting toxin to the higher brain functions. Anyway, after the…  Read More…

Fifteen, Four, and Twenty: Jeff on Being A Guest Star, and on 20th Century Boys, Vol. 3

Jeff Lester

First off, if you enjoy the roguish way in which I stammer and hum on my way to making a point, you’ll probably enjoy my first guest appearance over at the Fourcast!, Fourth Letter’s podcast, wherein I chat with the charming and sensible David Brothers and Esther Inglis-Arkell about Mark Waid’s run on The Fantastic Four, the differences between DC and Marvel, and (very, very briefly) about how Jack Kirby might’ve handled The Transformers. I really enjoy listening to the Fourcast!, especially the way David and Esther represent their Marvel and DC fan positions. It’s kinda like sitting down to watch a cartoon dog and a cartoon cat battle it out, and seeing them approach things with humor, intelligence, and…  Read More…

Jeff Asks: Hey, Is Manga Dying?

Jeff Lester

Don’t get me wrong–I’m not asking if, y’know, manga manga, that whole ginormous industry over in Japan is dying? Nor am I asking if, like, collections of Naruto or Bleach are sitting there rotting on the shelves. But is the manga industry in America dying? I’m totally reluctant to ask such a question–not least because I’m totally in the dark about how something like, say, publication schedules in Japan can allow American publications to catch up (like with Sgt. Frog, I think) and all sorts of other mitigating factors. It was one thing when the sixth volume of Yotsuba&! never shipped from ADV. And it was another thing when DMP announced it was cutting eleven publications from its monthly publication…  Read More…

Around the Store in 31 Days: Day Three

Brian Hibbs

I’m not the biggest fan of most Japanese manga; largely this is down to the common tropes that comprise the majority of what’s been brought over — the big round eyes and so on. But there’s a handful of pieces of manga work that I think are utterly terrific. My number one favorite series is after the jump! I love me some DEATH NOTE. Part of it is that it is largely unlike any other manga that I’ve ever read, the other part is is it unlike any Western comics that I have ever read, either. First of all: there’s very little action of any kind. There’s plenty of suspense, and plenty of twists and turns, but almost none of…  Read More…

Exile From Yaoiville: Jeff Looks at Flower of Life.

Jeff Lester

Flower of Life is one god-damned strange little book, let me tell you that. I picked it up based on the strength of Shaenon Gaerity’s review, but by the time I’d gotten my hands on a copy I’d long forgotten nearly every particular of that fine review. In the store, looking at the cover, which features tousled-hair young men behind a foreground of brightly colored sunflowers, I was positive I was about to cross the border into Yaoiville, a hamlet that only a few years previous was little known but had now become a popular destination spot for peripatetic manga readers. Not only had I never read yaoi, I had read next to nothing about yaoi, and so my depth…  Read More…

Does Whatever A Parasite Can: Jeff Reviews HItoshi Iwaaki’s Parasite

Jeff Lester

To say I’m on the late freight with regards to Hitshi Iwaaki’s Parasyte is to drastically understate things: the Del Rey volume I’m reading shows the first Japanese volume was printed ’round 1990. And this isn’t even the book’s first go-round in the U.S., either: according to Wikipedia, the book was published by Tokyopop back when the company was known as Mixx. I can see why American publishers keep making a go of it. Although the protagonist doesn’t dress up in a costume and go out to fight crime, Parasyte is the closest thing to a manga superhero book I can remember reading. The story is about a teenager, Shinichi, whose right arm is replaced by a shape-changing intelligent parasite…  Read More…

Weekend’s End: Jeff Gabs About Manga and Movies.

Jeff Lester

Howdy. Here’s what I’ve been reading and watching lately. God help me, I’m still so trained to write reviews in old school SavCrit style, you get it all in one big glop. I’d like to do something similar about the comics I’ve been reading, but can’t quite tell yet if my week is going to open up enough to let me do so. Anyway, for now, here’s what’s what. CEMETERY MAN: Cinematically, I’ve been in search of some satisfying lowbrow thrills and it really seemed like this cult favorite was gonna do the trick: after all, it’s an Italian horror comedy based on a graphic novel by the creator Dylan Dog about a morose gravedigger who must not only bury…  Read More…