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“Seems Like Even The GODS Have Their ACCIDENTS!” COMICS! Sometimes The King Is Still Dead!

John Kane

“Tarru!” to you, too!! Just look at the creators on this thing! It’s like the comic book equivalent of one of those Irwin Allen films where Steve McQueen and Paul Newman jockey for top billing, Fred Astaire tumbles burning out of a lift, Michael Caine shouts about bloody, bloody bees and Gene Hackman tells God off with his steam blistered fists raised. It isn’t a movie, but is it a disaster? TALES OF THE NEW GODS by John Paul Leon, Kevin McCarthy, John Workman & Tatjana Wood Anyway this…

Must Watch Direct Market history video

Brian Hibbs

Follow this link to Mark Evanier’s site and watch this video of the Mike Douglas show and see video of DM founder Phil Seuling discussing comics on national TV in 1977. Astounding footage! I never had the pleasure of meeting Seuling, or, prior to this ever even seeing video of him — so this was a fabulous and fantastic find for me. Thanks Mark!! I especially like how they’re just taking the old comics and flapping them around — “Oh, look, a FAMOUS FUNNIES #1; here, catch!” Without that guy you almost certainly wouldn’t be reading blogs about comic books today… except maybe in the most nostalgic way.   -B

“Aimed Like A Spear-Head At Your VITALS!!” COMICS! Sometimes They Beggar Belief!!

John Kane

Did the Pharaohs crave eggnog? The riddle of children and adults – could “aging” hold the answer? Revealed – The Treasure Map of The Cosbys!!! Disease – Could it be caused by creatures too small to see!!! Are “facts” just very popular lies?!? Did YOU man the concessionary stand at Ford’s theatre that fateful April Friday in 1865?!? The Bermuda Triangle – what if you did look at it from Barry Manilow’s angle? Even on its best day Science will be helpless to explain how in 1971 Jack Kirby predicted Jeff Lester’s beard of 2013: Who’s laughing now, Science! WHO IS “LAUGHING” NOW?!? Anyway, this…

“…Achieving Liberal Ends By Fascist Means.” COMICS! Sometimes They Fight To Make Men Free!

John Kane

…and it stank like it something had crawled up it and died! What? I’m on? That’s a bit ahead of schedule. Caught me on the hop a bit there, let’s see what we can do. Hold on…let me check my pockets…right! Harumph! This’ll have to do. Here goes. Welcome, International Comrades! In this exciting post I will be treating the eyes of all to the sight of many comic covers. Yes! These coruscating covers adorned the 1982-4 run of BLACKHAWK; a run written by Mark Evanier and drawn by Dan Spiegle with back ups from a heavenly host of talents. Pleasure for all viewers ensured as I have mastered the scanner! Technology is yet servant to the flesh! Yes! So,…  Read More…

Wait, What? Ep. 111: Things That Go Wrong…

Jeff Lester

It’s….not easy to explain. Trust me. Oh, man.  Remember all the questions you guys asked us and we didn’t get to?  Well, don’t say we didn’t start 2013 right! After the jump:  Show notes,  no more terrifying photos, still kissing with saliva, etc., etc.

Hibbs and the Read Comics All Day Day

Brian Hibbs

See, for me, EVERY day is “read comics all day” day! I actually have two modes of reading comics, however, and this is kind of the “working in a candy store” problem — most of the times I read comics, it is sadly “professionally” reading them. It’s part of my job and function to have a general handle on what’s going on in comics, so I like HAVE to read them. I order to properly ORDER and SELL comics, I feel like I have to read a lot of stuff that, really, I’d rather not read. I need to read, say, every other issue at least of virtually every “mainstream” comic so I know what they are and where they’re…  Read More…