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Wait, What? Ep. 106: You Are Number Six.

Jeff Lester

At Graeme’s Behest: the cover to Colder #1 Yeah, that’s a pleasant way to get your Tuesday rolling, eh? Anyhoo, very truncated version of things this time around, I’m afraid but after the jump…show notes!

Some press for CE!

Brian Hibbs

A little mainstream press coverage of the Marvel suit can be found in today’s San Francisco Chronicle’s business section. Apparently we made the front page. Here’s a link: http://tinyurl.com/7pjed -B

Settlement entered and served!

Brian Hibbs

The Hibbs v Marvel settlement was entered into court yesterday, August 23rd, and has been served to Marvel as of today 8/24. A 30 day appeals window has now opened, where any members of the class who haven’t opted-out may appeal the settlement. Presuming no one does that, Marvel has 30 days, beginning Friday September 23rd, to pay the settlement monies. Therefore, unless something strange and odd happens, all credit should be paid no later than Monday, October 24th. Marvel, of course, may choose to begin payments on “day #1” rather than “day #30”. At a completely wild-ass, wholly uniformed guess that’s based upon nothing whatsoever, timing of the payment might depend on whether Marvel wants the liability on thier…  Read More…


Brian Hibbs

Sorry to interrupt Jeff’s “Please buy my shit so Edi doesn’t eat my liver!” posts, but some good news here. As I mentioned already, the former Judge of the Marvel Class Action suit went bug-fuck insane and recused himself after the Appeal (Appellate? The law confuses me!) court told him he had to approve the Settlement Well, we got a NEW Judge, Judge Khan (And dig, I get this image in my head of Bill Jemas shaking his fist at the sky, screaming, “KHHHHHHHAAAAANNNNNN!!!!”) (I’m doing the obvious joke, so you don’t have to) Annnnnyway, Judge Khan signed off on the Settlement on Tuesday, 8/9, so we’re basically a “done deal” Apparently, the Settlement needs to be “entered” in the…  Read More…

Yet another case update!

Brian Hibbs

Got the call today that a new Judge has ben assigned to the case. There’s some sort of meeting with him on Monday with both (?) sets of counsel. The “hope” is he’ll sign the order on the spot on Monday, but I think we all know the odds of things going that quickly are probably low. But still, it could happen! -B

Some reviews and rants of 7/7 books

Brian Hibbs

So, you all know about the Class Action suit against Marvel, right? And how we have a settlement that both parties agreed to? Well, or we did until the dumb-ass Judge in the case decided that, despite have both sides agreeing, despite having notified the Class, and having a opt-out rate of something like 0.5%, despite, might I add, adjusting the plan to deal with the Judge’s specific demands, Judge Ramos decided that he wanted the whole process started over again from scratch, turning the “opt out” (which automagically includes everyone) to “opt in” (which would likely mean some people would misunderstand and not be included). Clearly, the man went insane. So, as I’m sure you also know, we appealed…  Read More…