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Its my bar of chocolate, give it to me NOW!

Brian Hibbs

OK, MarvelNOW! has pretty much gotten going, where did we leave off…?  

The Audition

Brian Hibbs

I know that I told you that I’d be the first one to punk out 0n the every-week reviews — and guess what? I was right! (But I was writing Tilting, and a very special DC-Relaunch ONOMATOPOEIA that you can actually download as a full color PDF until June 28, so I don’t know, maybe that counts?) Anyway, Jeff and I were talking about how much we like John K (UK)’s comments every week in “Shipping this week” threads, and we thought “Well, let’s give him a shot”. (Important note to everyone who constantly asks to become a Critic — this is actually how you do it. You write nd you write without any expectation of anything other than amusing…  Read More…

Sad about the MAD: Hibbs continues 4/4

Brian Hibbs

MADMAN ATOMIC COMICS! #1: I have to admit I was deeply disapointed in this. Admittedly, MADMAN has been off the market since… 2000 or so? And so I guess I understand the intellectual decision to make this an All-Recap issue, but the problem with a plot-driven recap is that it doesn’t give an idea, really at all, of how FUN Madman could be. And, despite Allred clearly being driven to get to his uber-plot of “The Four” and all of that, that was probably the bits of the previous run(s) that I liked the least. I had really thought, especially with a title like “Madman Atomic Comics!” (with the exclamation point and all), that this was going to focus on…  Read More…