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So Ugly it is Pretty — Hibbs on 8/6/14

Brian Hibbs

Hey, me again — yeah, bi-weekly it is, I think, for now!  Of course, my jibber jabber seems even more jibber jabbery when surrounded by Abhay…. After the cut…..

Wait, What? Ep. 113: Technically Difficult

Jeff Lester

A page from Shotaro Ishinomori’s Kikaider, which we didn’t even discuss this week but which I kinda adore, nonetheless… ATTENTION, ATTENTION, NEXT WEEK WILL BE A SKIP WEEK FOR THE PODCAST.  NEXT WAIT IS A WEEK, WHAT? SKIPCAST! You may not care.  In fact, you may be relieved but either way, Graeme and I will not be talking one another’s ear off this week so there won’t be anything for you to listen to from us next week.  Maybe you can get out of the house for a bit?  Go for a walk?  Realize that although it’s probably too late to do that “52 books  in 52 weeks” you promised, you can maybe still get in 48 in 48 weeks?…  Read More…

Wait, What? Ep. 112: A New Dope

Jeff Lester

Wasn’t able to find Ditko inking Kirby, but here’s Dan Clowes inking Ditko! Ganked from Robot 6 and elsewhere… Okay, and so but here is our latest episode about which I will provide you with more detail after the jump!

Wait, What? Ep. 111: Things That Go Wrong…

Jeff Lester

It’s….not easy to explain. Trust me. Oh, man.  Remember all the questions you guys asked us and we didn’t get to?  Well, don’t say we didn’t start 2013 right! After the jump:  Show notes,  no more terrifying photos, still kissing with saliva, etc., etc.

Wait, What? Ep. 49: The Speedo Mistake

Jeff Lester

Hmm, that number is remarkably close to 50, isn’t it?  Although who can really say, considering the crazy numbering scheme we (by which I really mean I) have cooked up for us.  Seeing as it’s also our 93rd entry on iTunes, and all. Anyway:  Comic Con! Captain Britain! Ed Brubaker! Peter David! Marvel: Season One! Exclamation Points!  All of these things and more get their devil’s due in this installment of Wait, What?, already loitering about on iTunes, or ready and eager to be listened to by your demanding ears, right here, right now: Wait, What? Ep. 49: The Speedo Mistake As ever, we hope your enjoy and thank you for your indulgence!  And now, if you excuse me, the…  Read More…

A Tale Of Two Avengers: Comparing Bendis’ Two Team Books

Graeme McMillan

If nothing else, comparing both of Brian Michael Bendis’ relaunched Avengers books – AVENGERS and NEW AVENGERS – is useful in illustrating the importance of artists on his writing. Well, that and the importance of choosing the right characters to write in the first place.