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Rich Johnston & WATCHMEN

Brian Hibbs

Usually, I don’t really mind when Rich Johnston gets something wrong — usually it is future news, he’s playing telephone, and publishers don’t want to co-operate with him. He’s going to get shit wrong, c’est la vie. But history? That’s important to get right! This morning, Rich opened a story like so: “Today, the final issue of Before Watchmen: Comedian is published, a couple of months late. Which is about how late the very original final issue of Watchmen was.” No. NO!!!! WATCHMEN was not (especially) late — certainly not monthS! Travel back to 1986, and comics really just weren’t late at all — in fact, they had ship WEEKS that, without fail, comics shipped in.  If the comic was…  Read More…

Wait, What? Ep. 108: Frightful

Jeff Lester

I love, love, love that lonely little “beep.” Man, the holiday season, amirite? Emerging from the primordial swamp of Black Friday, Cyber-Monday, Fat Tuesday and Sexting Sunday, it’s the show notes for Wait, What? Ep. 108…right behind the jump!

And, lo, there shall come a sell-out! Hibbsing 4/25

Brian Hibbs

I have reviews, yes, under the jump.

Wait, What? Ep. 83: As Good As A Feast

Jeff Lester

Hoo boy.  Did not think I was going to make this particular deadline.  I won’t bore you with the blah-blah-blahs, but let’s just say: papa needs a new microphone and he needs one bad.  I apologize in advance for all the not-especially-discreet cracking and popping going on at various points in the background of this.  We are maybe two weeks away from a solution to both it and the mild echo chamber effect that’s afflicted us ever since Graeme managed to transcend this corporeal realm. Buttttttttt, anywayyyyyyy… Gotta keep this short and snappy so lemme just say this:  Wait, What? Ep. 83 is two hours and twenty-seven minutes long, and Graeme and I do not spend all that time trying…  Read More…

Wait, What? Ep. 79.1: iPhones and Asshats

Jeff Lester

Multitasking–can it truly be done efficiently? Studies suggest “no,” but if only they could watch me in action, they could change those studies to definitively conclude, “Oh hell, no.” At this very moment, I am uploading episode 79.1, listening to episode 79.2, and creating this entry to go live early Tuesday morning. Which will I screw up first? The smart money is on “all three.” That said–hello! Welcome to Episode 79.1! Yes, once again, we are changing things up and going back to two episodes per week, divided up into comfy one hour chunks. I kinda missed having content on the site on Thursdays–I thought it was a nice way to have something up to look at and listen to…  Read More…

Mistaken Identity Crisis!

Brian Hibbs

Just a quick story here (maybe reviews in the next few days), because I thought it was funny, and if I don’t type it up SOON, then I never will. So, it’s last Tuesday, Halloween, and I super-double rush through work early so I can take Ben Trick-or-Treating (3 years old is the BEST time for that, yes) (Digression: We went to his grandmother Michele’s neighborhood, Seacliff, because we could go there and not feel like carpet-baggers. Michele has an apartment there, but its home to some of the nicest houses in SF — and some of the richest. Robin Williams’ house is there [handing out glow in the dark lanyards, which I think is an EXCELLENT thing to give…  Read More…