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“You’re Wrong. I’m Not STRONG.” COMICS! Sometimes Legends Are Involved!

John Kane

Merciful Minerva! It’s a content-pocalypse here at The Savage Critics! Below this there’s Amazing Abhay taking a comic by the throat in his talented teeth and shaking it until its neck snaps. Beneath that there’s Gentle Jeff Lester using duct tape, tact and sheer pluck to bring you, via technology, not only the cheapest comics…but the best comics! Beneath that there’s Bewildered Brian Hibbs vs. online journalism! Bang-on Brian Hibbs cracking the heads of several¬† cape comics together was also a thing that occurred! As ever, earlier in the week the best Commenters in any seven dimensions you care to mention took on the Shipping List and, of course, Gentle Jeff and Garrulous Graeme’s audio bliss in Podcast form remains…  Read More…

“Clean Living.” PEOPLE! Sometimes It’s 62 Years of Howard Victor Chaykin!

John Kane

Just a quick Happy Birthday to Howard Victor Chaykin who is 62 years of age this day! Cheers! A slightly cheekier Birthday greeting below the break.

“RA-409966!” Comics! Sometimes They Have Russ Heath Art!

John Kane

Couldn’t find a turkey, but I got a canary.¬† Careful of the bones! Hey, let’s give thanks for an old DC war comic with the emphasis on Russ Heath.