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Wait, What? Ep. 112: A New Dope

Jeff Lester

Wasn’t able to find Ditko inking Kirby, but here’s Dan Clowes inking Ditko! Ganked from Robot 6 and elsewhere… Okay, and so but here is our latest episode about which I will provide you with more detail after the jump!

Wait, What? Ep. 79.2: Power of Ones

Jeff Lester

Hey, guess who did it wrong? Yeah, I had an incredibly busy Wednesday and it wasn’t until my head hit the pillow that I remembered I’d forgotten to upload this podcast. And create this entry. So, despite my fond reveries about providing extra content and blahblahblahblah, that will probably have to wait until next week because, well, I’m tired and dumb. But I wasn’t (entirely) when Graeme and I talked now comics for our conclusion to Episode 79!  Nope, I was more or less lucid and we reviewed the latest issues of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel and Faith, Frankenstein, Agent of Shade, Batwoman, and a whole mess of first first issues including Saucer Country, Crossed Badlands, Saga, Avengers Assemble, and…  Read More…

Wait, What? Ep. 71: Funk, Soul, Brother

Jeff Lester

Yep, a bit of a delay but here we are, more or less as promised: Wait, What? Ep. 71, featuring our new theme song courtesy of the hyper-talented Graeme McMillan. This done-in-one episode is not quite two hours and forty-five minutes and covers, um, lots of stuff. Stuff like OMAC and the other cancelled new52 titles; the current state of George Perez’s career and what Marvel’s marketing team could do with it; Mark Millar’s Trouble and Spider-Man; comments by Charles Vess and Ariel Olivetti about Marvel; Mark Waid’s Amazing Spider-Man/Daredevil crossover, Jason Aaron’s Wolverine and the X-Men as well as Wolverine #300. Plus, a lot of babbling from Jeff about PunisherMAX #21; a debate how many “good” issues a creator…  Read More…

Wait, What? Ep. 18.2: “A Ponzi Scheme with Costumes”

Jeff Lester

This installment was actually ready to go on Friday, but I thought Abhay’s post was so impressive and awesome, I figured it was better to let it stand on its own.  (Also, I’ve been besieged with pants-optional pics since then.)  But here’s ep. 18.2, recorded right before the opening weekend for Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark.  I don’t know if you saw Graeme’s great little piece about the show’s history over at Techland, but if not, the podcast covers a good chunk of it with additional goodness thrown in. We also cover news about the Lone Ranger, grouse about Battlestar Galactica and Caprica, and kvetch generally.  It should be available on Itunes now or super-shortly, and you can also hear…  Read More…

Spider-Man And His Amazing Three Year Comeback

Graeme McMillan

It’s odd to think of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #647 as the end of an era, when the Big Time creative reshuffle is pretty much the same editorial team as Brand New Day editing a creative team that consists of the longest-surviving member of the Brand New Day braintrust and a revolving art-team that consists of Humberto Ramos and some surviving Brand New Day artists. It’s really more of “a shift into an only-slightly different era,” in a lot of ways, but saying that doesn’t really allow for 64-page finale issues like this one.

No Sacrificing, Strike Like Lightning: Tucker on 6/16

Tucker Stone

Hey, I’m into single issues of things that come out on a weekly basis in a paper format that I can purchase with American currency. Here’s a few of them.

It’s Just Another: Very Quick Commentary from Jeff about (sigh…) One More Day.

Jeff Lester

Not really a review or anything, just a bit of (very late) Monday morning quarterbacking: in finishing up the first three issues of “Brand New Day” and finally reading the last issue of “One More Day,” it struck me J. Michael Straczynski is either a far more gracious man–or a far more thick-skinned professional–than I could ever hope to be. Despite the last issue of “One More Day” being dedicated at the very end to JMS, and a back page filled with hosannas by fellow professionals, the two-page recap of Spidey’s status at the end of the first part of “Brand New Day” suggests a company eager to sweep eight years of the man’s stories under the rug. I mean,…  Read More…

Some more from 8/11

Brian Hibbs

INVINCIBLE #14: Top notch super-fun here — I really liked the teleport gag. A few captions are pretty radically overwritten, but, ah, so what? Very Good IRON MAN #432: Ah. Add another Dead Girlfriend in the Fridge to the list, Gail. This is taking the easy path to drama, but at least no one got raped…. Eh SPIDER-MAN #5: Nice Frank Cho art, but, blech I don’t like Millar’s characterizations of anyone here. Why is MJ calling Felicia “Babe”? Or insisting she’s an idiot over and over again? “This is supposed to be the HOBBY”? No, sir, I don’t like this. I don’t want “gritty” Spider-Man! Awful. I mentioned the other day that people should pick up BIRTH OF A…  Read More…