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“What Happened To Shame?” TELEVISION! Sometimes I Just Veg Out In front Of The Tube!

John Kane

So I was going to write about some comics but I just wasn’t feeling it. Being a big Elvis fan I am all too aware that you should never force it, so I wrote about some television instead. I hear people like television. Anyway, this…

All over the map: Hibbs’ 11/7

Brian Hibbs

Comics, TV, and a movie, after the jump.

NOT-COMICS: Why Abhay Loves The Shadow Line, and Why You Should Too.

Abhay Khosla

This is about a television show sorta in the crime-conspiracy thriller genre, that aired on the BBC between May 5, 2011 to June 16, 2011. For those of you who do not have access to the BBC, this may not be helpful for you unless you’re one of those people who somehow watch television shows from other countries on some sort of magical appliance found in your home and/or office, and do not have any moral qualm in using said appliance to do so.

Geeks on Film

Brian Hibbs

I’ll get back to print in the next day or so, but I wanted to dive into a few things-on-film for a moment.   (I quite imagine there will be SPOILERS here, so be careful, kiddo!)   THOR: Saw an advance screening on Saturday morning (10 am, what an odd time for a preview screening!), and yeah, pretty decent film. My reaction could possibly be the result of low expectations — I mean, seriously, did anyone ever think there could possibly be a Thor movie based on the comic, prior to 3-5 years ago? Let alone a good one?   It largely kept my attention, and it has some astonishing design on display — I particularly liked their interpretation of…  Read More…

Away from the Shop #3: Jeff Talks Inception, Golgo 13, and (Mostly) Non-Comics

Jeff Lester

Here’s another post from me about stuff I have not picked up at the comic book shop recently: a movie, an album, a dvd, and a TV series.  (Man, there’s got to be a way I can wrangle a video game review in here, too.)  Since I recently spent over two thousand words writing about two comic books, I tried to make this quick, but…well, blabbity-blab happens, you know? (Blabbity-blab behind the cut.)

Reviews? What are those? Hibbs Hibbses On

Brian Hibbs

Let’s start with TV! Hm, I think I’m going to go on and on and on, so let’s hide it behind a jump to keep the “front page” cleanish…

Turning it off: Hibbs is done with HEROES

Brian Hibbs

Oh, I know I should have done it before — really, at the end of the first season — but I’ve finally deleted HEROES from my DVR recording schedule. Oddly, it wasn’t the inanity of the plots: between this week’s scenes of the “bad ass” fed trying to turn super-powered people into suicide bombers (Ut? why would anyone, anywhere, draw a line between an explosives vest and the powers?), and the Sylar-finds-his-dad-then-doesn’t-DO-anything, I would certainly have been justified. No, it is the comics shop scenes. I let the first one pass without comment (“Oog! A Gurl!?!? We don’t get any of those in here!”) because I was hoping it was a momentary lack of reason, and it would never be…  Read More…

On the Shark (and over again)

Brian Hibbs

At the conclusion of last season of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, I had thought there was something wrong. I wasn’t entirely sure what, precisely, the mistake was, but I felt there was one going on. I’ve watched all of this season’s BATTLESTAR, and I’m fairly certain I didn’t really enjoy almost any episode. Moments from episodes, yes, some clever bits of plotting or little twist on characterization, or whatever — but not a whole entire episode from start to finish. As I was was taking my shower tonight (washing my birthday suit, as Tzipora put it, har), I think I figured out what it was. [Clearly, there’s going to be SPOILERS at some point after this, and, though I haven’t yet typed…  Read More…

Oh, Jeph!

Brian Hibbs

Jeph Loeb is an odd writer — he knows his fanboy moments, he’s good at spinning out big wacky ideas, and he writes a lot of commercially successful books. Yet (regardless of positions on WIZARD’s “hot list”) he’s barely the kind of writer that people specifically seek out — it’s far more fair to say that he manages to work with some of the best ARTISTS in the business, and so he has “heat by association” — and, as a general rule, I find that (unlike, say, another “Big Idea” generator like a Grant Morrison) he seldom knows how to end his stories or to find something PAST that “big idea”. (Your mileage, as they say, may vary) On the…  Read More…

Just For One Day

Brian Hibbs

I generally don’t like reading comics on the web, so I read maybe half of the webcomics based on the HEROES television show before my eyes started melting. So, I was pretty happy to see the HEROES HC come out last week — getting to read these stories in a format that didn’t give me a headache, didn’t have an interminable wait for them to download, and didn’t have car ads plastered all over them was pretty nice. This might also point to the way to handle the web/print divide — the HEROES HC is a lovingly-designed book, a “fetish object” if you like, including not only the web comics, but all of the Tim Sale paintings for the series…  Read More…

Gerber, Gerber everywhere, and not a drop to drink (and more TV)

Brian Hibbs

On the original schedule, THREE new takes of made-Famous-by-Steve-Gerber titles were to have shipped last week — the new version of FOOLKILLER didn’t make it — but even the fact that two of them came out makes me feel a little odd. OMEGA THE UNKNOWN #1: Given how much of the plot (and dialog!) of this first issue is Straight-Outta-Gerber, it’s pretty hard to judge at this point just what Jonathan Lethem is actually bringing to the proceedings. What I did very much love was Farel Dalrymple’s art (and lettering). It is a fine looking book, but not something that I expect the “typical” Marvel fan would have much interest in whatsoever. The DYI aesthetic is appealing to me, but…  Read More…

The Return of the Retarded — Hibbs on TV

Brian Hibbs

The real problem for me of the NewSavageCritic is when Jog and Abhay and Lester all post these wonderful, thoughtful essays that really get to the core of things, and make you think wise and deep thoughts, and then I have to post something, and I just know it is going to sound like “Dur dur! DUH! Dur dur dur!” I’m still kind of adjusting to the demands of working Every Weekday — oh, I know, “Poor poor miserable you!”, but I spent more than a decade there with a schedule that was, shall we say, relaxed, so to get back into the 5-days-a-week Grind has been an adjustment. Ultimately, its better for the store, to, y’know, have the owner…  Read More…

See and be Seen: Jeff Looks at Buffy The Vampire Slayer seasons 1-8.

Jeff Lester

Back in late April, I bought the Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Chosen Collection boxed set off Amazon for a pretty good price. In early May, Edi and I started watching the show (I had seen most of the show when it was first aired, Edi hadn’t seen anything) at the rate of an episode or two (almost) every night, and a few weeks ago we finally came to the end. It happened the same day I read the abridged print version of Joss Whedon’s interview with the Onion A.V. Club, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer #5, and it occurred to me I was pretty well situated to talk about the new comic in relation to the show, and maybe…  Read More…

Not comics: Hibbs on TV

Brian Hibbs

Missed my last night deadline, but I got some potentially exciting news (or maybe exciting potential news… or maybe even exciting news, potentially) that focused me on that during my (ha ha) “free time” last night. So today I’m going to shoot for TWO posts — one now, one tonight. We’ll see if that works. It’s not comics, no, but I’ve been wanting to make a television post for a while. Up until last year I was maybe watching 4 hours of TV a week, but I’ve been sucked in by the glass teat this season a lot. Modern TV is so strange — there’s almost barely things like traditional “seasons” any more; shows start and stop more or less…  Read More…