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“Run Scared And You End Up Running From Yourself.” COMICS! Sometimes A Sunday Morning Is The Last Thing You’d Think To Compare Him to!

John Kane

Carlos Ezquerra. Alan Hebden. Major Eazy. Major Eazy by Carlos Ezquerra Anyway, this…

“A Tiger Doesn’t Give A Buffalo Warning.” COMICS! Sometimes They aaaAAAIEEEE!!! DAAKEESE MOB!!

John Kane

In the Burmese jungle of 1942 only one thing was more deadly than the Japanese…In the war comics of 1976 only one strip ruled the playground…That thing, that strip was DARKIE’S MOB by Mike Western and John Wagner. COME ON!!! GET SOME!! CAHMMM AHHHNNNNN!!!!

“BIG..! I’m Telling You…The Sonuvabitch is HUGE!” COMICS! Sometimes They Are Extravagant!

John Kane

Like Ripley going back for that damn cat I go back to ALIEN THE ILLUSTRATED STORY. This time it’s so big Ash could very well be right and, yes, you could probably walk on it!