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CE: 21 — Better late than never!

Brian Hibbs

Well, so our 22nd anniversary is about three weeks away, but Seven Summit Productions just finished up the production on the video that they shot at the 21st anniversary party. I think it is swell! It’s also filled with all kinds of familiar faces saying all kinds of nice things. Give it a watch!   Comix Experience 21st Anniversary from Seven Summits Productions on Vimeo. -B

Favorites: Blankets, plus a Tori Amos video

Sean T. Collins

[This is a reconstructed post from Google Cache; originally posted by Sean!] Greetings, fans of savagery! Been a long time since I posted here, and I’m barely doing so now, even. I just wanted to direct your attention to an interview I did with Tom Spurgeon as part of The Comics Reporter’s holiday interview series on the Books of the ’00s. Mine was about Craig Thompson’s Blankets, a book I’d eventually have gotten around to writing about for my Favorites series here at SC. So if that’s the sort of thing you’re interested in, check it out. On a semi-related note, here’s Tori Amos performing her song “Bells for Her” in 1994 — it’s both my favorite Tori Amos song…  Read More…

Your QuickLink for the Day: Trailer to Spiegelman’s Be A Nose.

Jeff Lester

Speaking of symbolists, I got an email just this morning from the McSweeney’s people talking about their next book, Art Spiegelman’s Be A Nose, “a triple dose of unexpurgated Spiegelman sketchbooks from years past—you get 1979, 1983, and 2007, all in actual-size hardbound editions and wrapped in a really neat ski-gogglelike strap.” They include a link to the trailer they’ve created to the book which you can see here. (I’d embed the sonuvabitch, but I’m afraid I’d break the formatting since we’ve got a width limit here on the blog). I thought you might like to check it out… Working on a review or two, although they’re staggering a bit much more than I’d like. They’ll be up here sooner…  Read More…

Arriving 5/9/07

Brian Hibbs

Just to clear out a tab I’ve had open for days, there’s a brand new Spinal Tap film (with Marty DeBergi, and everything!) to promote their “Live Earth” appearance. Hit the link, and scroll down to where it says “video: watch….” Its about 15 minutes long, and is good for all those who like to Tap! Here is what is shipping this week: AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL #8 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #540 ANNIHILATION SAGA BATMAN STRIKES #33 BATTLE POPE #14 (NOTE PRICE) BETTY & VERONICA DOUBLE DIGEST #151 BLACK PANTHER #27 CWI BLADE #9 BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL #125 BOMB QUEEN III #3 (OF 4) CARTOON NETWORK ACTION PACK #13 COUNTDOWN #51 COVER GIRL #1 DESPERADOES BUFFALO DREAMS #4 (OF 4) DEVILS PANTIES…  Read More…