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“A Tiger Doesn’t Give A Buffalo Warning.” COMICS! Sometimes They aaaAAAIEEEE!!! DAAKEESE MOB!!

John Kane

In the Burmese jungle of 1942 only one thing was more deadly than the Japanese…In the war comics of 1976 only one strip ruled the playground…That thing, that strip was DARKIE‚ÄôS MOB by Mike Western and John Wagner. COME ON!!! GET SOME!! CAHMMM AHHHNNNNN!!!!

“I Want To Be That Man!” Comics! Sometimes A Little Melodrama Doesn’t Hurt!

John Kane

Happy New Year and I do so hope you all had a very Merry Season of Cheer! Sadly I read some more DC war comics from the ’70s and then wrote about ’em! I think you’ll find I can and, worse, I did!