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“MY HAND!” COMICS! Sometimes They Go UP! Diddley Om Pom! Sometimes They Go Down!

John Kane

Oh! Good Day! Here’s a thrilling feature for your perusement and entertattlement right fine and glissome, no mistakers. Hmm. Bit rusty. Pokkita-Pokkita-Pokkita! Rum bugger’s coming at us out of the sun! Don’t worry it’ll all be over by Christmas. Or in three minutes. Depends what we’re talking about, you big dreamweasel, you! C hocks away..! The Red Baron by Puerta, Veys & Bence Anyway, this…

“You’re Catching On, Buster!” COMICS! Sometimes I Don’t Want To Ruffle Any Feathers But I Do Have To Say That Nazis Seem Like Really Quite The Most Awful People!

John Kane

I read a 1960s DC war comic. It was pretty neat. Don’t worry, it’s inevitable that we’ll hit some real shockers soon, but not this week. OUR ARMY AT WAR by Joe Kubert & Robert Kanigher Anyway, this…

“WHO’S Stubborn?” COMICS! Sometimes Only The Sea Sees!

John Kane

No, no, no! Oh, Sgt Rock, the optimum method of seagull attracting is to be a small child stood in St Ives holding a rapidly collapsing ’99, as my still somewhat traumatised son will attest. Naturally I realise it isn’t the fault of the seagull but rather that of the idiots who persist in feeding them in flagrant contravention of the many signs prohibiting this precise behaviour. (I am particularly proud of how middle-aged that sentence sounds; it’s the written equivalent of rolling up my jacket sleeves and nodding fiercely along to a shitty Phil Collins “number”. At a wedding.) SGT ROCK by Heath & Kanigher Anyway, this…

“A Tiger Doesn’t Give A Buffalo Warning.” COMICS! Sometimes They aaaAAAIEEEE!!! DAAKEESE MOB!!

John Kane

In the Burmese jungle of 1942 only one thing was more deadly than the Japanese…In the war comics of 1976 only one strip ruled the playground…That thing, that strip was DARKIE’S MOB by Mike Western and John Wagner. COME ON!!! GET SOME!! CAHMMM AHHHNNNNN!!!!

“I Want To Be That Man!” Comics! Sometimes A Little Melodrama Doesn’t Hurt!

John Kane

Happy New Year and I do so hope you all had a very Merry Season of Cheer! Sadly I read some more DC war comics from the ’70s and then wrote about ’em! I think you’ll find I can and, worse, I did!