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“Thrill Someone You Love…” COMICS! Sometimes It’s The Other Stuff That Catches The Eye!

John Kane

Well, I finally got The Haunted Scanner working so naturally I diddled and faffed around with it a bit. Put it through its paces and all that. Rather than have that time be classed as wasted I thought I’d share with you, the peoples of the World, some of the neglected visual delights within a bunch of 1971/1972 Marvel Comics. Adverts, I’m talking about adverts there. Look, it’s probably better than you fear but not as good as you hope. I can’t say fairer than that. So let’s skip back to the dawn of the 1970s via a scanner and some stapled and browning paper. In a way, it’s a kind of time machine. Maybe. Oh, it’s not making it…  Read More…

He’s Still “The Only Bear On The C.I.A. Death List!” COMICS! Sometimes SHAKO! Speaks!

John Kane

Rejoice fans of quality reviews! For to celebrate the release of the SHAKO! TPB collection I decided not to review it. For a start I won’t have any money until Christmas is over. And I’m talking there about the first Christmas after MiracleBoy leaves home in about 2025. No, I decided to do something else instead to celebrate this momentous occasion. What follows is not entirely sane but then again what is, my American friends, what is?!?

“Breathe DEEPLY, Kane.” Comics! Sometimes There Is An Interruption!

John Kane

Hello, everyone! Just a short note to say that there will be no posting about comics from an old man with a shaky grasp on quality. Alas, illness comes to us all and I am probably just being a big ninny but I am certainly faring better than my namesake below: Filched image  featuring art and words from Walter Simonson and Archie Goodwin’s ALIEN: THE ILLUSTRATED STORY. Which is VERY GOOD! by the way. Next Time:  More talking about COMICS! Have a good weekend, all!

Just A gentle Clearing Of The Throat.

John Kane

No, I haven’t got any actual content for you. Sorry about that but what with one thing and another (mostly the other) it just ain’t happening. Lest anyone think I had died, succumbed to The Fear or worse I just did some Coming Attractions and studded them into a load of words about nothing. Coming Soon: Statue Fondling For Beginners!

Larkin About With The King (i.e. Stephen not Jack Kirby)

John Kane

Sorry, I’ve been a bit light on the old comics reading front this week. I did read some books without pictures (they still make ‘em!) so rather than have everyone think I’d fallen off the face of the earth I thought I’d write about them instead. One of the books features this poor doomed b*stard who briefly starred in the John Byrne/Roger Stern 12 issue series MARVEL: THE LOST GENERATION in either #4 or #9 (it’s complicated): After all if I can’t give you bad reviews of comics I can at least give you bad reviews of books.

“But first, call your girlfriend…” Comics! Sometimes they are Nu!

John Kane

Um, no show without Punch, right?