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Rich Johnston & WATCHMEN

Brian Hibbs

Usually, I don’t really mind when Rich Johnston gets something wrong — usually it is future news, he’s playing telephone, and publishers don’t want to co-operate with him. He’s going to get shit wrong, c’est la vie. But history? That’s important to get right! This morning, Rich opened a story like so: “Today, the final issue of Before Watchmen: Comedian is published, a couple of months late. Which is about how late the very original final issue of Watchmen was.” No. NO!!!! WATCHMEN was not (especially) late — certainly not monthS! Travel back to 1986, and comics really just weren’t late at all — in fact, they had ship WEEKS that, without fail, comics shipped in.  If the comic was…  Read More…

Wait, What? Ep. 102: Age of Chance

Jeff Lester

From the thirteenth issue of Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, assembled by Miguel Corti. The episode–she is long! (Just a bit over two hours and forty minutes, in fact.) The show notes–they are extensive! So join me after the jump for both, and a bit more about Watchmen issue #13!

Wait, What? Ep. 93: Thrill Power Overboard

Jeff Lester

Above: The Chocolate Waffle, which is a liege waffle covered in dark chocolate, from The Waffle Window, Portland, OR Yup, Episode 93.  I would say more but I’m slightly overwhelmed with the amount of shite multitasking I’m currently doing (kinda dashing back and forth between two computers at opposite ends of the room at the moment, which neither makes me feel like a mad scientist or a keyboardist in Journey but just someone who is old, Internet, so terribly old). On the other hand (and behind the jump):  show notes!

Wait, What? Ep. 87: Tiny Yellow Boxes

Jeff Lester

It’s funny. I keep thinking we’re going to hit our “proper” hundredth episode any minute now and we’re still only eighty-something percent of the way there. (It’s probably the high-weirdness of having 145 entries accessible on iTunes that’s throwing me off…) But we will get there! Yes, neither rain nor snow nor sleep, nor screwy Skype, nor half-maintained hardware, nor early morning airport visits, nor crazy screeds by prominent webcomic cartoonists where the phrase “we won!” really means, “stop harshing my mellow,” can keep us from our appointed rounds…unless we decide to take a week off. Whatevs: we have a two hour episode for you, full of complaints about some of the above, but also delightful discussions of Reverse Aquaman,…  Read More…

Wait, What? Ep. 74: Who Before Watches the Before Watchmen?

Jeff Lester

I hope you have your calendar cleared until 2014, because that’s how long it’s going to take before Graeme and I get to answering all your questions from this thread. Honestly, how were we to know Before Watchmen was going to launched the day before we were scheduled to talk?  As the astute listener may note, we were pretty reluctant to launch into the topic and how clearly tried to get it out of our system beforehand…but like one of those county fair snacks gone bad, it keeps finding new and horrible ways to re-surge and expel itself. So join us, won’t you, for Wait, What? Ep. 74?  The first eighty minutes is Graeme and I talking Watchmen, Before Watchmen,…  Read More…

Favorites: Watchmen

Sean T. Collins

This past summer, with Watchmen movie hype already in full swing, I reread the book for the first time in a while and posted a review on my blog. Now that I’ve got a “Favorites” review series going here, and with the movie almost upon us, I figured it’s a good time to share the results with Savage Critic(s) Nation after the jump. Hope nobody minds a re-run… Watchmen Alan Moore, writer Dave Gibbons, artist DC Comics, 1987 416 pages $19.99 Like half the nerds in America, I recently re-read this graphic novel, inspired to do so by the trailer for Zack Snyder’s upcoming movie adaptation. I feel much older than I did when I first read the book during…  Read More…

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Hibbs on The Film.

Brian Hibbs

We’re a week or so from the real release of the WATCHMEN film. I’ve seen it. This is INCREDIBLY FUCKINGLY SPOILERY, so you must absolutely NOT read it if you don’t want your watching experience potentially ruined. Seriously, I almost felt I should hold it until actual release. So don’t go below the jump unless you understand the ramifications of your actions. Friday night… well, no Saturday morning, there was a IMAX screening of WATCHMEN, at WonderCon, roughly a week before the film is generally released. They decided to be clever by having it at 11:55 PM (five minutes to midnight being a theme in the book, y’see), but, of course, with the various multiple levels of security to get…  Read More…

From The More Things Change Department…

Jeff Lester

Going through my stuff in preparation for my upcoming garage sale and came across this lovely number: What amuses me about this issue of Comics Interview from 1987 isn’t the boast that we’ll be watching the Watchmen, but the corner claim about Alan Moore says farewell to comics “at least for now.” No wonder Affable Al believes we live our lives over and over again!  

Papa Don’t Preach: The Toughest Review Diana Ever Wrote, 3/26

Brian Hibbs

During my (admittedly short) time as a comic book critic, I’ve reviewed comics that made me happy, or sad, or violently ill; works by writers I can’t stand, or admire, or wish would try just a bit harder because they’re capable of so much more (you know who you are). But there’s one comic I’ve never talked about, and likely never will: WATCHMEN. To be totally honest, WATCHMEN intimidates me. It’s too great a work for me to discuss, and it’s such a central part of comics discourse that I doubt there’s much I could say that hasn’t been said before, by greater critics than myself. And I’d be content to let sleeping dogs lie, except the comic I’m about…  Read More…