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A Plug, A Random Observation and A Question From Jeff…

Happy New Year, everyone! Kinda got a couple things on my plate but I did want to direct your attention, in case you missed it, to the recent launch of io9.com, a sci-fi blog run by some of CE’s favorite people–Annalee Newitz, Charlie Anders, and Wassisname McMillan covering comics. Mr. Ellis didn’t like it too much, nor did Mojo, but I think it’s a fun little nerd culture blog that promises to feed me some thoughtful stuff to go along with my fix of “wait, Tyler Perry is in the new Star Trek?!” news.

In other news, I’m just getting over that stomach flu that’s been going around, and recommend if you get a chance to watch the first season of Dexter while reading Tezuka’s Buddha and running a mild fever, I totally recommend you do so. The completely fucked up dreams make it more than worth it.

And finally, while shopping the other day in a Target, I came across this relatively amazing Marvel shirt:

As a Kirby fan and an old-school Marvel dude, I was pretty impressed. I mean, there are *four* Inhumans on there, as well as…is that Sgt. Fury or Wyatt Wingfoot? To say nothing of the Kirby Falcon…

And there’s something in the layout that kinda rings a bell for me: didn’t Foom come with a sheet of stickers or something, that might’ve been the original template for this? I doubt it’s an exact match since Foom was finished by the time Byrne was drawing Wolverine, but it still seems awfully familiar.

Anyway, I was hoping someone might know something about this shirt, because I’m sorta mystified by it. Feel free to drop any info and/or crazed conspiracy theories into the comments…

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