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“Breathe DEEPLY, Kane.” Comics! Sometimes There Is An Interruption!

John Kane

Hello, everyone! Just a short note to say that there will be no posting about comics from an old man with a shaky grasp on quality. Alas, illness comes to us all and I am probably just being a big ninny but I am certainly faring better than my namesake below:


Filched image  featuring art and words from Walter Simonson and Archie Goodwin’s ALIEN: THE ILLUSTRATED STORY. Which is VERY GOOD! by the way.

Next Time:  More talking about COMICS! Have a good weekend, all!

2 Responses to “ “Breathe DEEPLY, Kane.” Comics! Sometimes There Is An Interruption! ”

  1. Feel better, JohnK


  2. @J_Smitty: Picking up now, cheers! Thanks for the Chaykin link. Hey, I can see your cheery face if I look at comments when I’m logged on. Ain’t technology grand. Thanks again, be well yourself!

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