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“Clean Living.” PEOPLE! Sometimes It’s 62 Years of Howard Victor Chaykin!

John Kane

Just a quick Happy Birthday to Howard Victor Chaykin who is 62 years of age this day!


A slightly cheekier Birthday greeting below the break.

Happy Birthday Howard Victor Chaykin!


I will MAKE them honour you!

Best wishes from JohnK (UK) and the whole of COMICS!!!

Edited three panels from THE SHADOW: BLOOD AND JUDGEMENT (1986)by Howard Victor Chaykin, Ken Bruzenak & Alex Wald.
Rude panel from LEGEND (2005)by Howard Victor Chaykin, Russ Heath, Rob Leigh & Wildstorm FX.

(Hey Kids! Have I told you about LEGEND? Oh boy, just you wait, kids. Just you wait. It’s bonkers!)

12 Responses to “ “Clean Living.” PEOPLE! Sometimes It’s 62 Years of Howard Victor Chaykin! ”

  1. Too true! Happy Birthday to one of the No Bullshit Good Guys. Nice work, John. By the way is Blood and Judgment out in trade?

  2. Oooh! I can’t wait for you to tell us all about Legend!

  3. Here, Here. Raise a glass!

  4. Tip of the fucking hat.

  5. “…By the way is Blood and Judgment out in trade?..”

    I believe Dynamite re-released it to coincide with the launch of their Spirit series earlier this year.

    The original DC one is long out-of-print.

  6. Firstly, I’d like to apologise for my Photoshopping. HVC doesn’t really look like he’s winking does he? More like someone has sewn his eye up or he was caught where he shouldn’t have been and some angry Dad’s give him a shiner. Photoshopping? More like Photoshitting. It’s the thought that counts, anyway.

    @Hal: Oh I don’t know about No Bullshit. That’s no fun now is it? Maybe a healthy amount of bullshit. No THE SHADOW:Blood And Judgement for you until 30th October, I believe.

    @Chris Hero: We’ll see. I’ve probably built it up too much now.

    @J_Smitty: A glass of milk and a hand reared free range do-nut!

    @Marc_Oliver Frisch: Aw now, he was just being affectionate! Nice interview BTW. Always enjoy your DC Sales Charts, sir.

    @Bill Angus: TS:B&J is out on 30th October, I believe. I thought it was due out earlier too. It’s a great book, I guess I can see myself buying it again. Got to keep HVC in tasselled loafers!

    Thanks for all your kind wishes for HVC!

  7. No complaints, Chaykin was definitely a highlight. Also, I keep telling eveyone that he was munching beef jerky all through the interview and licked my face when we were done, so no hard feelings. (It’s a good hat.)

  8. @John K (UK) – Mm, you’re right “a healthy amount” is a positive, I, myself, have perhaps a less than healthy amount. Back to Howard Victor, what about “No Horseshit Good Guy”? “No Chinchilla Shit”? “No Donkey Dung”

  9. @John K (UK) – Mm, you’re right “a healthy amount” is a good thing to have, I perhaps have a surfeit. Back to Howard Victor, how about “No Horseshit”? “No Shih-Tzu Shit”? “No Donkey Dung”?… I’ll get my coat. Thanks for the Blood and Judgement information, excellent.

  10. @ Bill Angus – thank you, as well.

  11. @Hal: Now you’re over here!
    Amendment: TS:B&J is out NEXT WEEK in comic shops!
    (I was looking at the Amazon date (booo!). In my defense my Retailer moved out after a row about washing up so I had no one else to ask.)

  12. They don’t seek me here, they don’t seek me there… But I’m bally everywhere. Heh. Seriously, thanks for the update.

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