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Garage Sale Aftermath….

Essentially, it was an awesome garage sale. Admittedly, you have to kind of stretch your definition of awesome to include “cold, drizzly, and underserved by foot traffic,” but if you can, then yeah, it was awesome. Blessed be to Hibbs for letting me advertise the sale here and at the store–the bulk of the people who showed up were CE customers and subs who totally bowled over Edi with how funny, polite and kind they were. Most of them seemed pretty pleased with their purchases, to the point of more or less apologizing for robbing me blind by buying so many comic books and stuff at such low prices, but I was really happy to move some stuff and see people happy at getting a good deal. (As I’ve said, a comic store run by me would be out of business in six months.) Randy asked in a previous thread if the parting process was painful, but that all took place before I put stuff out to be sold. Once I did, I only wanted to see it gone (with the exception of my copy of The Megalomaniacal Spider-Man, which Sam convinced me to keep).

The general foot traffic totally sucked, though: not only was it a horribly cold day that threatened to rain more than once in the first few hours, but considering it was supposed to be a hillwide garage sale day for Bernal Heights, there was nobody. I actually did better business with people walking their dogs at 9:00 a.m. than I did through registering through the neighborhood center for this community event. And I found out later that Cortland, the main street of Bernal, was apparently the place to be, with dealers staking out big sections of sidewalk and hawking their wares, and customers skipping from dealer to dealer with money all but falling out of their pockets. All that careful assembly of sets to appeal to the non-comics reader? Basically wasted. Grrr.

But, to get back to the point, I sold at least 1200 comics, half a dozen complete sets, about forty to fifty graphic novels, and cleared away four longboxes, thanks to Joel, Josh, their buddy who had worked all night (Chris, maybe?), Frank (the only one who showed up with a car and cleared away a longbox and a half all by himself), Robson, Sam, Brian, the Hibbs familia, and a couple of great passerby. This leaves me pretty well situated to try moving some stuff through Ebay after the wedding and the holidays and stuff.

Okay, work is a bit crazy today. Let’s see if I can get out any reviews of something at some point…

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