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Wait, What?: D to L-A-Y’d


First, hear me now and listen to me later: when comics come out tomorrow, go get yourself a copy of PROPHET #21.  It does this amazing thing I feel like very few comics do:  it makes me feel like I’m reading real science fiction, and it makes me enjoy it.  It also feels like “classic” Heavy Metal with a very different vibe.  No rampant baring of the boobs, no nonsensical plotting, but there’s that thorough sense of the surreal, where the most insane things are taken for granted and each insane thing is actually outdone by an even-more-insane thing a page (or even a half-page!) later.  It’s not the be-all and end-all–the characters are stoic, the plot is obscured so it’s not something you’re going to mistake for Star Wars, but it’s still closer to Episode 4 than, I dunno, Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy–but god damn, is it a pretty fun comic.  Brandon Graham and Simon Ray did great work on this.  You should get.

Second, Wait, What?, as the post title subtly suggests, is gonna be late this week.  My work schedule changed around so I could cover the holiday yesterday and I would prefer not to post any content on SOPA/PIPA blackout day tomorrow…and I doubt I’m gonna get this sucker mixed in time today (although, hey, stranger things have happened).  So tune in on Thursday for Episode 71: it won’t have waffle talk, but it will have our brand spanking-new theme song as composed by Mr. Graeme McMillan and I think you’ll quite like it!

3 Responses to “ Wait, What?: D to L-A-Y’d ”

  1. Can’t wait for the new theme song. Also, any chance of doing a listen Q&A podcast agian in the near future?

  2. Podcasts in a single download, a new theme song… You guys really did have a Flashpoint didn’t you?
    I thought comic fans were supposed to be creatures of habit!

    Regardless, I hope we get to hear thoughts on Bakuman vol.8! I think it might be my favorite volume so far – the series had lagged a little since 5, but I read 8 at warp speed, laughing out loud for most of it. Was it just me, or was that a somewhat meta manga?

  3. @Eric Rupe: Yes, there is a very, very good chance! I think we would’ve done this week if we didn’t have some other stuff on our plate. And we’ll definitely put a post up for questions when we do…

    @Ben Lipman: You know, you’re right! I totally skimmed over Bakuman vol. 8 in discussions and totally loved all the crazy soap opera antics–Ohba and Obata can add romantic-triangles-within-triangles in a matter of seconds–and the idea of the most absurd and unrealistic element from the book being “cribbed” for someone else’s manga was meta- as all hell (and really funny)!

    I may re-skim and see if Graeme’s game to talk about it today…

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