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Wait, What? Ep. 70: The Hour (Times 2.5)

Jeff Lester

Demolition Derby from Jon Pinnow on Vimeo.

The Pact still holds! Another week in 2012, another episode of Wait, What?

We are still experimenting with the done-in-one podcast (although many of you have used our comments thread to weigh in and say you like multiple eps. because it gave you something to look forward to…which I was worried might be the case but nobody articulated it before the change-up). I’m thinking I might get us back to two installments (or more) per ep. because something about it reminds me of the way Marvel U.K. used to chop up stories from U.S. Marvel comics and that sorta fits Graeme and I, in a way.

But, uh, it may be a while because there’s something nice about only recording one intro, mixing one episode, etc., etc. So here is all two and half hours of Wait, What? Ep. 70, with the dauntless Graeme McMillan and the all-too-full-of-daunts me talking getting hacked, dreams about comics, Brubaker and Philips’ Fatale, the Elseworlds 80 page giant, Chuck Dixon’s G.I. Joe comic for IDW and Seal Team Six, Defenders #2, Action Comics #5, OMAC #5, Uncanny X-Men #4, New Teen Titans, Downton Abbey, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Avengers Annual, Freak Angels, Mud Man, Witch Doctor: The Resuscitation and King Cat Comics #72 by John Porcellino (the star of the short embedded above).

Sensible souls surely spotted said spirited show (on iTunes), but for hearty heroes hoping to hear happenings here (hear, hear!):

Wait, What? Ep. 70: The Hour (Times 2.5)

As always, we appreciate your patronage and thank you for listening!

18 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 70: The Hour (Times 2.5) ”

  1. Anticlimax in Bendis story shocker! :)

  2. Graeme, did you really mean to say about the woman who works at the Waffle Window, that you “tickled her pink?” Jeebus Graeme, you’re a married man! What will your listeners think?

  3. I apologize Graeme. I may be culturally insensitive. Maybe that’s what one is supposed to do on “Boxing” day. Gulp.

  4. I prefer the podcasts to be broken up because I’m a clumsy git, who forgets to use ‘hold’ on my ipod, and regularly accidentally skip back to the start, and with the podcasts in parts it’s quicker/easier to find my place again. Sad, but true.
    Also, I don’t really have the time to ever listen to them in one big go, and the podcasts in parts have natural breaking points, which makes it easier to get back to life every now and again.

    Only listened to a bit of this one on the way to work, but I think you nailed the problems with Fatale, and the feeling of personal shame one has for not enjoying this as much as you feel you should.
    And… in Kings Comics Sydney, there was one cover with the girl, and many copies of the monster dude with the gun. Maybe Rich got confused about which was the variant?
    Either way, I grabbed monster man with gun regardless, because it’s awesome.

  5. I have not yet listened to this episode, but would vote for keeping episodes around an hour with multiple episodes per week when necessary. I like to split things up on a playlist, interspersing your podcast with other non-comics podcasts.

    And since you’ve asked for feedback, sometimes I feel as though you start the podcast 2-5 minutes sooner than I’d liked. I’m probably in the minority, but the tape of you guys catching up at the start of the podcast is not my thing. I enjoy eating waffles; hearing about them not so much. That’s my 2 cents and all. I’m sure it’s a difficult thing to balance as the conversation flows from catching up to comics and back to personal stuff sometimes. And please understand this is a minor, minor complaint compared to all the good stuff I get from Wait What. It’s just that you asked…

    Thanks and happy new year!

  6. Personally I much prefer the podcast in one big chunk. As with most of the other podcasts I listen to having the whole thing on my mp3 and listening to it whenever I can is just simpler and easier. However carefully you put the break in these things are one long conversation and work better as such than as two halves of a whole.

  7. @DJ_C: Indeed! We really shouldn’t waste our breath to complain about it, really. (And yet we do!)

    @Rob G: I appreciate the fact that when you thought of the Boxing Day pun, you came right back and added another comment, rather than just letting the first one stand. (I would’ve, as well!)

    @Ben Lipman: Honestly, I’m with you, which is probably why I continue to blather on in the posts about this rather than just sticking to the course of action. Overall, though, I feel like what I’m hearing from the majority is to stick with the whole podcast and let people develop those important willpower muscles to stop and come back when they want…I don’t really have those muscles, myself, but I’m getting the idea the majority do. I feel your pain.

    @John S: Yeah, it’s a tough call. I feel like a lot of people do like the waffle talk–and there are times where we tip quite naturally into a larger topic very quickly. But there are also times where we talk about aren’t especially comic-related or as interesting as we think. I think that opening bit will be left in, but I’ll try to do a better job of mentioning either in the entries or the intro when the proper comic talk starts so you can jump to it.

    @Slythe: Appreciate the feedback. I’m going to call this decision the winner for now, and see how long I apprehensively stick with it.

    Our thanks to everyone who took the time to give feedback, in this and all the other threads (as well as dropping us an email). Greatly appreciated, even (or in my case, especially) if we went a different path from your preference.

  8. Regarding the art on JLA dark, the domestic scenes with Deadman really remind me of Mike Allred for some reason – I can’t put my finger on why.

  9. I enjoyed hearing you talk about New Teen Titans, Jeff. That was my favorite title at the time, and I re-read them a few years ago and was pleased at how well they held up. Did you pick up the Games hardcover? I had thought it would be a must-buy for me, but I still haven’t gotten it. Part of it is because when I looked at it in the store, I saw that it takes place in the Danny Chase period, and it reminded me of how much I loathed that character.

    But also, I find that as much as I may have loved a series in the past, I’m usually really disappointed when the same creators re-visit the series. The other day I heard that Baron and Rude are reviving Nexus again. I used to love that series as well, but everytime they bring it back, there’s something missing. I’m not sure exactly what, but I just know that I’m pretty satisfied with the original run and don’t really need new issues. Sort of like when the Beatles anthology came out with those ‘new’ Beatles songs, which turned out to be completely forgettable.

    Also, last month I picked up “The End of The Fucking World” at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival. I saw it and knew I’d heard it talked about somewhere, but forgot where. I guess it was you, so Charles Forsman can chalk up another $1 sale to you. As someone who has dabbled in the mini-comics scene myself, I can tell you that it usually feels like you’re putting stuff out in a complete vacuum, and it feels really awesome when you get any sort of shout-out like that.

  10. Jeff – you mention in this episode that you like “food/cooking manga.” Can you recommend one for someone who finally got into manga after hearing you talk about Bakuman?

  11. Oh, Robert G. You have a dirty, dirty mind.

  12. Your comments regarding Paul Grist’s weakness as a storyteller broke my mind. Quick, say something redeeming before I have to abandon my beloved Wait, What? forever!

  13. Graeme’s point on “series that let you down, but you assume the fault is yours” is very well taken. I most recently had that feeling with “I, Zombie.” I SHOULD love the writing, I think the art is fabulous, and the idea is genius. But after 12 issues, I still wasn’t sure why I was reading the book. I should have loved it; but I didn’t.


  14. I just realized that your description of how Marvel artists/writers are overworked and underpaid is very similar to Bendis’ interpretation of Norman Osborne.

  15. That Avengers review…

    Everything that’s been wrong with Bendis’ Avengers is in those two issues. He’s spent eight years of his working life on a franchise he clearly doesn’t like, doesn’t enjoy, and can’t stand the readership of.

  16. @mb: Hey, sorry for the delay in getting back to you, hope you’re still reading/checking back occasionally.

    So, yeah, food cooking manga. I read all 27 or so volumes of Iron Wok Jan which I think would be kinda difficult for you to pick up new in the store but you can get used copies off of Amazon for *verrrry* cheap. It’s less like Bakuman and more like one of the comics the characters in Bakuman would create–battle manga using Iron Chef style battles with lots of secret ingredients, obscure food trivia and outright cheating on the part of the creators. Very fun for the first 10 or 12 volumes or so, maybe more.

    I thought the set-up of The Drops of God steals more than a little from Oishinbo, a super-long running series over in Japan that Viz has published a very fun “best of” collection of about seven volumes or so. Oishinbo has a journalist reluctantly dragged into his newspaper’s creation of an “Ultimate Menu” because of his amazing knowledge of food and his refined palette, which come from his father being Japan’s most renown foodie. He and his father do battle a lot. The volumes are drawn in a much looser an cartoonier style than Bakuman but are incredibly informative and a lot of fun.

    Fumi Yoshinaga’s Antique Bakery is a faux-yaoi (men’s love) book about three guys who run a bakery and there’s some great stuff about pastries in it. I really like the characterization and very offbeat plotting on this book. Four volumes published by Digital Manga Publishing, and I really like the characters and how they interact in them. It has a lot of the odd couple/friendships that I like in Bakuman.

    Finally, I still haven’t finished it but maybe you would like The Drops of God–the art, certainly, is much closer to the art in Bakuman than any of the books I mention here.

    I keep thinking I’ve read more food manga than that, but…maybe not? Anyway, hope that helps and glad you tried out Bakuman–hope you dig it!

  17. thanks for the recos, jeff! Will check them out

  18. Manga anthologies have way more than 100 pages. you pay $4 (or was it $2? I know the individual volumes are $2) and you get like 300 pages. Looking at the Wiki for shonen jump right now…there are 21 ongoing series, each with 18 pages… 378 pages a week. Plus whatever one shots are out that week, and all the ads and stuff, you get a phone book for $2-4. Jump is probably one of the fattest anthologies, since its so big, but still. Like a cent a page. Sigh, if only things were that cheap here…

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